Thursday, March 10, 2005


Meet the Warrior

What an awesome chance to tell my testimony. William Meisheid at Beyond The Rim... is offering to interview five people in a meet the blogger sort of chain. If five people actually come by here, I will reciprocate. In the meantime, these are great delving questions. In case you don’t make it to the end, a big thank you William, right up front. Hopefully, a couple people will get to know me.
1.You have a relatively new blog (less than two months old), tell us why you started blogging and what your goals are.
I have had a calling to do online bible revelation for maybe four years. I am so not computer savvy, and on a tight budget; I was seeking free help. The original idea was to have in-home study for my church, to create unity in a very divided denomination. The idea died with two interim pastors who didn’t give me the boost I needed. But the call remained, so having found free blogging, I hope to reach out to the church at-large for a unifying experience through the rock solid foundation of God’s Word as infallible revelation of who He is and what His plan is, was and always will be. Why do I think I’ve got answers? (my question) God has given me faith to share, not answers. The answers are in the Book.
2. Your choice of blog title, "Christianity Is Jewish" is provocative. Can you explain why you chose that title?
The title! That’s the life-changing book of the same name by Edith Schaeffer. Actually, Ruth Graham Bell wrote a smaller, children’s version, One Wintry Night, which I read to my sons before Mrs. Schaeffer’s was discovered. Life-changing, why? It puts the bible cohesively into beautiful, whole picture or “tapestry” form. I had never seen God’s plan as so wildly simple, yet detailed. This and another book by Kevin Howard and Marvin Rosenthal about the seven feasts revealed to me how El-Shaddai has worked out and fulfilled His glorious promises through His Chosen so that Christians could become His Chosen…so the Hebrew people will finally, in the end, become His Beloved Israel, with us. What a story! Could the tapestry be more lovely?! Only if Israel could have seen and heard. Why they didn’t, God, I trust will explain…so many want to know.
3. I see you are a fan of Randy Alcorn. I remember when he was a struggling author, under financial attack for his pro-life stance as a pastor. He is now a prolific and successful author. What is it you like about his writing?
His writing is so amazing and fresh. Could he be the C.S.Lewis of this generation? He’s ahead of our times, revealing the unseen history (spiritual warfare) something like Peretti but bringing it even closer to home by making it less fictional (like it is). Satan and his minions manipulating unsuspecting humanity in Lord Foulgrin’s Letters and in Heaven, the unseen exists maybe not so far away. Dr. Alcorn reveals a future, physical New Earth uniting with the unseen world! Who, besides some obscure, intellectual theologian writes like this? (Randy says very few are these, even.) Very exciting, readable, cutting edge, and oozing with Truth! These are not new ideas except to a blinded Bride.
4. You talk about how important the Bible (Scripture) is to you and how you live your life. How did you come to this commitment?
The Body of Christ is crippled by the selective teaching in mainline denominations (my experience). As I have grown in knowledge, the commitment has intensified. Studying with my boys in our school at home, we learned from the Christian worldview master, Francis Schaeffer, who stresses the importance of the whole story, meaning redemption makes no sense without the fall, as his wife so eloquently writes in Christianity is Jewish. The fallen earth needs redemption as well as its inhabitants. We also went through the Reformation, Westminster Confession, and the real U.S. history. These events are witnesses to how applying God’s wisdom in all of life---changes the world and in doing so, changes lives; the church, culture, nations are created anew. The cultural mandate of Genesis means to carry out Christ’s redemption of all the earth. Heaven also touches on this. Home schooling is the best thing that ever happened to me and hopefully, my family.
5. If you could spend the morning, starting with breakfast, with one other blogger (anyone in the blogosphere), who would it be and why, and what would you have to eat?
Definitely the easiest question of the five. Dory at
Wittenberg Gate must be my soul mate if there exists such a thing. One of the first sites I visited, she subtitles, “Applying the Scriptures to every sphere of Life”…hm, sounds like me. Check profile…wow, a homeschool mom with one child remaining at home…ditto. Son’s name, Ben! My eldest! Happy St. David’s Day, she writes…this is over the top freaky! Can you believe we are both Welsh? We could definitely have some fun over tea and Welsh cakes. Huh, we aren’t the same person after all. She calls them pics!
The bonus question: What is the biggest adjustment or concern since "becoming one flesh"? Communication has been both a huge adjustment and still a concern when it breaks down. Could use a handbook on this one.

I agree with most of you article, but tell me where does the following verses Jer 30:8 For it shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD of hosts, that I will break his yoke from off thy neck, and will burst thy bonds, and strangers shall no more serve themselves of him:
30:9 But they shall serve the LORD their God, and David their king, whom I will raise up unto them.
Fit into oll this
I used to be a member of wiki Q&A. I was answering many of the queries there with about the same vein that "cwv warrior". One of their members assigned as one of their supervisors expressed displeasure at my contradictions to his own faith and the other's answers. This supervisor then made revisions to my answers w/o my consent and deleted most of my answers entirely. When I tried to complain to their HQ and to some of their sups, I was blocked and accussed of spamming for sending the same message of complaint to the other sup/members. What I don't understand is when one of their senders who I think is of Islamic faith, contradicted the doctrines of this man's faith in support of his own, he didn't took affront. Pls. access my account in that site, use "JoJmnz144" to open it and read my contributions. You probably may have to find the place where they noted down the revisions/deletions to them. pls teel me if they were you or for this site.

If you are interested about more of "Christianity Is Jewish" subject, pls access my wishlist and use"Jose144haNavi" to open it up. go to messianic and eschatology dropdown list to the left of page todah
If you christians feel you are jews, and i say you are right at that point, that's your problem.

But there are some who do not specially want to be jews.

for me jews are not only the christians but also the muslims and the rastafarians.
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