Monday, December 12, 2005


Judeo-Christian Fa-La-La

Another shove from my Loving Dad, I was searching for a couple of articles this a.m. about this special alliance that seems to be gaining some momentum, if what I'm hearing is any indication. When what to my wandering eyes does appear but my weekly World Magazine, with Holiday Cheer! H-hm, in the sidebar. So here I am, once again following the prompt from above. First hearing was on morning radio with Quinn and Rose, talking about an article in the Wall Street Journal. Remember "Absalom, oh my Absalom!"? David Brog does an interesting comparison of David's reaction to his dear son's death to recent ADL rantings from Abraham Foxman. Are liberal jews biting the hand? Rabbi Daniel Lapin is in complete agreement:
"Our self-appointed “leaders” in the Jewish community do us no favor by denouncing every public expression of Christian faith as if it were a ham sandwich at a barmitzvah. Anti-Christianism is unhealthy for all Americans; but I warn my brethren that it will prove particularly destructive for Jews to be leading the extirpation of all signs of Christian fervor from the village square. Just look at France..." (Toward Tradition)

The December 1 press release, also heralded by Quinn (I think), from the Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation (JAACD) included statements from Don Feder, one of my all time favorite writers! Since his articles in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review are much missed, it is especially good to see him in action. We've got a cold hearth within our own homeland, the embers barely warm...and, coming from a Christian who has found the roots of Jesse, thank God we are finally gaining some outspoken allies in our fight for religious freedom. Amen.

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