Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Make God's Word Your Daily Bread

I got the most meaningful bookmark I have ever owned from Billy Graham recently. It has "Food For Thought" on one side...I'm savin' it to share with you separate, but the other side shares "a simple Bible reading plan for the New Year". Since my last post stressed getting into the Word, here's the plan!
Following a pattern using the days of the week, the idea is to scatter your readings throughout the entire Word of God. I have read through the Bible a couple of times and kinda like the thought of variety.
Mondays, read from Genesis to Deuteronomy
Tuesdays, read from Joshua to Esther
Wednesdays, from Job to Song of Solomon
Thursdays, Isaiah to Malachi
Fridays, Matthew to John
Saturdays, Acts to Revelation
Sundays are left open to the leading of the Spirit and/or your church.
See? Read however much you want and mark your place until the next Monday, Tuesday, ...

Samaritan's Purse uses a very similar reading plan in their publication, Prayer Point, which is available online. This might seem like I'm hinting, but that's not it. Begging is more like
it. : D
I'd like to hear how you're doing. Don't be shy. I won't consider it bragging and hopefully, neither will God. Let's encourage one another!

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