Monday, February 20, 2006


Elijah's Trust

Ironically, Elijah is seen in the wilderness, trusting God for his daily need for sustenance. The Bible study I just started hits on the same wisdom. Food, clothes, money are not for us to dwell on. Big mistake to think God isn’t in these details of life. As a homemaker, I must think about meals and “things”. A raven doesn’t fly by twice a day with today’s groceries; truly, it is almost that easy for us. God provides, yet there is a tendency to get absorbed by these worldly cares. Best to remember we are as helpless as Elijah was during the famine, that we are solely reliant on God’s provision. It is deception to think we are self-sufficient.

Back to Elijah: Because so many of God’s Chosen had taken a turn for the worse by actually worshipping the heathen god, Baal, God had halted provisions. The time had come for a showdown. Kinda, sorta, almost like how Christians have turned to screen worship (pick your altar…TV, computer, video games), mall worship, the church of Fine Dining, the Great Spa and Diet gods. Don’t get me wrong…I am a little too familiar with these 21st century false gods. This is the affluent self-help, self-indulgent age. I guess that is why my friend likes going to Haiti on mission trips. Escaping the daily temptations must feel euphoric…ah, the peace. It is exhausting how we argue with ourselves, moment by moment, deciding which god to worship next, even after we have offered our first fruits to God (devotions)! How do you keep Christ first in everything? As you exercise, are you thinkin’ “I’m gonna to be healthy for God…I’m caring for His temple.” Or is it more like, “I wanna look good. I want to be a size 10 again!” Mine is a mixed bag. The battle pounds away at my energy. Inner conflict sucks the joy out of living for Him! Maybe it’s time for a showdown!

BTW, maybe the conflict isn’t the sin. It occurred to me this morning; Jesus’ greatest triumph was in such a moment. In the Garden, Jesus was in agony as He asked, “Take this cup from Me.” I’m pretty sure Jesus knew His Father’s will already. Was He asking for Him to find another way? Seems He knew there wasn’t another way. Was He saying, “Please God, I’ll do it tomorrow or next month or give me a year…” OR was it a demonstration simply of His human side. Meaning, it wasn’t a fault to HAVE the conflict. He was expressing His desire to escape His fate. It would have been a sin if He hadn’t taken it to the Father God. We are made for conflict because God knew it was gonna be war.

So, trusting like Elijah, take it to the Lord in prayer.

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