Sunday, February 12, 2006


Evolution Sunday!

What on earth are we doing? Oh Great Darwin, you are science. We will worship you, oh Evolution. I am freaked by this and so is the Discovery Institute. I might have mentioned, and meant it, that I am praying for the death of Darwinian theory and all the neo-Darwinian worldview that stems from this junk science, as in unsupported by observable facts.

“No, but natural selection is real!” Duh. “Survival of the fittest does happen!” Double duh. And your point is?

Evolutionist Christians, on this self-proclaimed holiday, want their cake and eat it too, the greedy elite of the faith. “We embrace science,” they chant. Like a royal thumbing of the nose at Bruce Chapman, president of DI, author Michael Behe, Lehigh U., and author Phillip E. Johnson, law prof. emeritus, UC at Berkeley. The Clergy Letter Project denies any disagreement with their Darwinian Deity the scientific validity and respect it deserves. Yet Intelligent Design is simply another theory based on microbiology’s latest findings.

Evolution theory and ID have opposing views of origin. Any Christian who believes evolution is true but with huge leaps of evolving development between species, gaps in evolving life,…does not believe in evolution at all! They simply won’t let go of the word or its founder. They want their cake and eat it too.

Darwin didn’t propose there were gaps and as far as I know, it is not being taught thusly. If evolution HAS EVOLVED? …then shouldn’t science take up a different banner, give it a name, and let poor Charles rest in peace? Would its author still argue all life shares common ancestry?

Intelligent Design is taught in total disconnect to the God of the Bible as simply some intelligent Prime Mover (you know, Designer) which had to have jump-started life because of its intense complexity in its smallest form…the cell. In turn, fossil records support the jump-start of each species. Paleontology: science last I checked.

Nonetheless, Christians who know their Bible, that’s the so-accused fundamentalist evangelical, have grasped this science because it perfectly fits with their already tight hold to the Creation document. Christians do not NEED ID for support of their faith. Their faith, more accurately, has strong underpinnings for ID. Does ID need it? Probably not. After all, it’s science. The fact of the matter is, the two complement each other in Truth. They pass the reality check. God created man in a special way (Hebrew term, bara, used uniquely for creation of man), separate and different from animals, in His own image. Take a look at reality. Man is far, far too complex and advanced; so way beyond any other living thing. How can anyone with an ounce of common sense say we are just the most evolved apes! No, to embrace Darwin’s theory of origins is to minimize God’s power (by saying He had to do it in little steps) and deny the specialness of man.

I’m tired and sad, totally in God’s image. Christianity and science were supposed to be friends. At least it started out that way. Darwin has become a god, thus the conflict.

“Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.” ~God

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