Sunday, May 07, 2006


White Guilt and the Western Past

Let's admit it, only a black writer could actually author this one. White journalists would hold back due to the white guilt syndrome portrayed here by Shelby Steele in Opinion Journal. Quinn was right when he read it this week. This is the crux of the weakening West.

"Today, the white West--like Germany after the Nazi defeat--lives in a kind of secular penitence in which the slightest echo of past sins brings down withering condemnation. There is now a cloud over white skin where there once was unquestioned authority.
I call this white guilt not because it is a guilt of conscience but because people stigmatized with moral crimes--here racism and imperialism--lack moral authority and so act guiltily whether they feel guilt or not."

BTW, Quinn and Rose are on XM Satellite Radio, channel 165 from 6am to 9am, for all you foreigners!

And it's not just the black people either, it's the Jews, the Spaniards, anyone who is different.

And to answer your comments about my husband, all the gifts are readily available today. I've seen them all manifested at some time in our lives... remember, Jeremiah spoke of the end days when young men would prophesy and the old men would dream dreams. It was great to hear from you!!

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i agree. god knows whats going to happen. its like jesus said when he was in india studying and worshipping with the llamas: ' god is everywhere; he is inside of us, he is in nature. we are all a piece of god. together we collectively make up god."

and that is sooooooooo totally true!!!!! if churches weren't so close minded, they would be able to learn who jesus truly was! if i hadn't had my eyes opened, i wouldn't have been able to share an awesomely powerful message like that with everyone! and there are soooooo many more out there!!! everyone should learn who the REAL jesus was!!!!!
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