Sunday, June 04, 2006


Men In Black

The world had become lawless. Illegals were permitted to pour into the sovereign country…and then stay…forgiven. The judges—the Supreme judges—ruled it permissive to acquire land, someone else’s land, if the thief simply had a big enough dream to bring in some money for Uncle. Death had become a friend for the inconvenienced masses…and the State. Crosses and crèches were being torn down along with the original ten laws…written in stone.

And I said to myself, isn’t it strange that no one has conceived of a declaration? I could certainly spew out a few usurpations of power! But the Church was bursting with such a glorious strength when the Declaration came forth. Men were men then. Truth was truth then. Now, men watch and talk instead of lead. At first, I thought talk was a good thing…but no one listens, except the choir. The leaders then were clergy. They were the men in black…the black brigade.

Heard the caller on Rush, speaking about her pro-amnesty pastor. No surprise there! Rush made a brave attempt at explaining it with the relativism creep in society. It is most definitely everywhere: Church, schools, courtrooms, university, politics (THERE’S an understatement!), and around the water cooler! Only a few good men have the conviction and knowledge for affecting the disconnected non-answer, meaningless robotic irrelevance of liberal-speak.

Let me add to the explanation for the squishy Right. In tearing out their least favorite pages from their code (Bible), the men in black have become a one-dimensional machine. “Let us forgive! As Christ forgave, so shall we. Let the illegals stay. Amnesty! Yes, amnesty for all!” Thus, the way toward lawlessness. The forgotten dimension? This is a sin-sick world and a battle rages. Even if you have never touched a Bible, the reality hits us in the face every morning! Good verses Evil! For God’s sake, man, you have to KNOW that!

Jesus promised a big come back and then, HE WILL JUDGE. The gospel of John is where Jesus sounds confused because in one breath, He says He has not come to judge the world…in the next, He pronounces, “That very word which I spoke will condemn [the man who rejects me] at the last day.”
Acts 17:31 confirms Jesus’ appointment. “For He has set a day when He will judge the world with justice by the Man He has appointed. He has given proof of this to ALL men by raising Him from the dead.”

The world must be judged in the meantime, or do the men in black disagree? God’s provision is a compass and rule. When righteous laws are broken, there must be consequences. Invasion, visit without permission, is unlawful. Or do all you forgiving souls leave your doors unlocked for a hearty welcome…feed, clothe, educate and pay for your intruders’ healthcare out of your wallet? Of course you do! Your holier than thou attitude isn’t costing your nonprofit. The thievery is from our pockets, pastor! The American families, struggling to eat, pay for wheels and a roof—the workingman, pastor!

God-given Law for governing ourselves, our homes, and our land is our gift, which you spit on and tear apart because you believe that is what Jesus did! Forgive the murderer, the thief, the trespasser, and the rapist. Yes you may. But let Uncle do his rightful job of protecting his children. That is love at its loveliest. Your anarchist, free-for-all is a love fest that will smother freedom’s cry…already, she’s down to a whimper.

This was very powerful!

I was listening to just this topic on Al Mohler's radio program yesterday. It's sad that justice is no longer justice and morality is no longer morality - but the Bible said it would come: when good becomes bad and bad becomes good.
In home school, my son and I have been studying the debates, original documents, from the U.S. founders. The problems were about control, too much or too little. I have learned that the bottom line is, the control must be given to God. Biblical knowledge is this country's foundation. Because that has been wholey deleted from public education and distorted in the church, our light grows dim. The single most important thing to our survival is letting God of the Holy Bible back into our children's lives. The home is not enough, even if you home school.
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