Saturday, March 05, 2005


Blinded by the Dark

How on earth have the Hebrew peoples been kept in the dark for so long? Or, better yet, how does Satan hold so much sway over God’s creation? Satan, the Great Deceiver, said in the Garden of Eden, God had lied. He said, “Ye shall not surely die.” Eve and Adam had a choice to continue believing God OR to believe Satan’s accusation, “God is a liar.” What will you trust to be true? Satan’s lies are everywhere and the only way to detect them is to hold them up against the light of God’s Holy Word. God’s Word is the Sword of Truth. It can cut down Satan’s dark force on earth, faster than any man made weapon. The Bible, not to be redundant, is a Gift from God…answers to life’s questions. Mrs. Schaeffer says, “How horrible it would be if man had to judge as to what in the Bible might turn out to be the Word of God and what might simply be the mishmash of man’s writing.” What if God had given us a “maze of paths” as Schaeffer calls it, for us to struggle with, spinning and turning, helplessly lost! Every once in awhile, we find a path of Truth but we’re never sure it’s True Truth! Relatively speaking, that’s all we’ve got, right? This is how Satan is empowered with his “subtle lies to the intelligence”. Why would an Almighty God, all powerful, omnipotent, give us a tarnished gift, a muddled instruction book, and then leave it up to weak, sinful people to figure it out? God did allow us choice and sin did arrive, along with the troubles of a fallen world, so you could say, “Well, the flawed Bible is just another effect of that nasty first sin!”
Now wait! Do you believe God Is? Then who is He? The ultimate question: “Is God a liar?” Not only did Timothy write the inspired words, “[God’s Word] is God-breathed”, there is the absolute logic of God fulfilling our need to know and communicate with Him with a perfectly flawless Book. It is a supernatural phenomenon. That’s important. You’ll never explain it in natural terms. He asks that we trust Him, surrender to Him, believe Him, humble ourselves before Him. THINK! How could this same God say, “I’m sorry about the Book. You’ll figure it out!” No, when we question God’s validity on this one, we are raising ourselves up to His level. We are saying God’s standard (for this gift, the Bible) is not and was not high enough. We are saying, “Our Father allowed some mistakes here”, as if He were just an earthly dad who accidentally gave us a broken toy for Christmas. What a setup. God tells us to believe on His Word as the created beings we are, believing and trusting their Creator. Then He makes a situation where we are forced to play “god”, deciphering which parts are true? NOT! We can blame many things on Satan and the fallen world of sin. Ultimately, we have to remember…God Is.
El-Shaddai is
bigger, more powerful and in control. “God said to Moses, ‘I Am Who I Am’…Say to the Israelites, ‘I Am has sent me to you.’” Exodus 3:14

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