Friday, March 18, 2005


Dad's Mad

To continue "About the Ninth Hour":
The agony of Jesus when he asks the Father to take this cup from Him—was that about the physical torture? The cup or chalice of sorrow (Matt. 26:39,42) must represent the burden of everyone’s sin…lost souls waiting to be redeemed for all time. Isn’t that logically HEAVY? The true character of God is always what we want to discover. How can anyone read the Bible and not realize God’s just side? God destroys, punishes, and WILL destroy and punish. The grand finale is Satan finally getting his due. I am a God-fearing woman (Psalm 25:14) because I believe in a God who gets very, very angry. AND at the same time, I believe Jesus will rescue me from the wrath of Righteous condemnation. Jesus will save me from my guilty plea. I know He loves me in spite of my pathetic life. I see Jesus on the throne as Judge, and as my Defender, by my side. It is never a good idea to reason away a characteristic of the Triune God just because we can’t fit it into our peek-hole vision. Instead, let us reason reality to fit His supernatural Being and stand in Awe. Jesus is clearly described as Judge when He returns AND Mediator…King and Priest. Going outside the box, God did split Himself—Jesus was separate from the Father—“Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani.” (Matthew 27:46) THAT is what I believe terrified Jesus. And it should terrify us too. Even if you are saved by faith, there is someone in your life you should be terrified for.
We are in His image. What earthly father likes correcting his children? God is a Holy Father who hates being angry, but He can be no less angry than He Is. He is the same God who flooded the earth—was that a picnic? His wrath will be released, poured out in the fulfillment of Revelation. It seems if we can’t grasp this, it will be impossible to get this: Jesus suffered God’s correction for all of us. He paid the price, which is death, separation and yes, wrath.
However mad and sad you might think God is with you, every time you displease Him—that anger and sorrow is on Jesus at One Moment in Time and in One place, on Calvary. That is HOW we get the clean slate! “God made Him who had no sin, to be sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.” 2 Corinthians 5:21
If you can get that Father and Son were split, then one step further isn’t so hard.
God propitiates Himself—He reconciles His Love and His Hate.
Doesn’t the very notion of forgiveness indicate there was a problem, a break in relationship? When you muster up forgiveness, are you not pushing away irritation, hurts, frustration and ANGER, even? God whooped on His Son, like any good father should. We don’t let our children continue in their bad behavior if we can help it. The weird part is, Jesus is His Son with Whom He is well pleased! He was a good boy! Where’s the justice? It wasn’t Jesus getting the beating…it was our bad behavior. It was us.

In order to find forgiveness on the cross, we must take it to the previous stage—God was mad at US! I cannot disregard God’s rage and its continuing reality even in today’s world. Who can deny we don’t deserve it?
“Why would God still be mad now, today, if Jesus took it all on the cross,” you ask? Another supernatural enigma that’s veiled by our limited view. Dutch Sheets (Intercessory Prayer; Watchman’s Prayer) explained it best for me. Jesus has Total Victory on the cross AND we are still carrying out the Victory---leading people to Him. So, why not—God’s anger was fully displayed on Good Friday, yet we’re still struggling in our sins, ticking Him off! We won’t be fully glorified until Jesus comes again!
Yes, it means we are living in a very awkward time. Things are left loose to be bound, and other things are left bound, to be loosed! (Matt. 16:19, 18:18) It’s the Church Age, the time of preparation. Bride, get ready!

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