Thursday, April 14, 2005


God's a Dictator!

What are we doing when we attempt to revise God’s plans? Are we convinced He needs to change with the culture? Is that what we think we are doing when we accept homosexuality, women’s ordination, abortion, or when we don’t accept as history the miracles of the Bible. Is God’s judgment and our obedience to Him just too much righteous talk? Are we supposed to revise the Bible to fit our own truth? Is God still using people to breathe new truth? Or does He want us to continue in the old truth…His Work completed in the original authors’ words? Why does John write in the final verses, “If anyone adds anything to [these words]…”, threatening the worst of what Revelation has to offer? Is taking God at His Word an all or nothing proposition? Too radical? Edith Schaeffer thinks not. God is unchanging. So why on earth would He allow falsehoods to penetrate His Holy Book? Why would He change His Truth for this new age, this next generation? My God is so much bigger than that! He is solid. God is not swaying with every whim of humanity. He is a Rock. My favorite radio host once said, “God’s a dictator! Get over it!” Life is not simple….but God’s Truth Revealed in Scripture is. Believing it in this world of relativism, where human reasoning is changing truth daily, by the second, where truth is muddled in debate under the guise of democracy, is definitely NOT SIMPLE. But it is a choice we make and renew every day as believers. Edith Schaeffer helped strengthen my conviction and I want to share her insight with you. Before I do, the book of Daniel contains a gem not to be missed. It will be a sort of intro to Edith Schaeffer's perspective on prophecy.

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