Tuesday, May 17, 2005


God Who

Faithfulness, humility, trusting in God’s instruction and obedience. These are the qualities Abel sacrificed to God when he offered the lamb. Cain relied on his own work and for some reason, didn’t see his inability to approach God as a mere mortal defiled by sin. This is understood even in this world…the ordinary people don’t walk in on the authorities, the elite, the leadership. There needs to be good reason, preparation, appointments, permission. Now blow it up in proportion; think awful, grand, and mighty. Good, loving, and merciful are there too but unapproachably Holy should never be diminished. It is common for people in postmodern Earth to make up a different God, one they can imagine talking with as if He were their equal. I sure wish I knew who they were praying to…themselves? Angels? Satan? I’m sure God in Heaven can hear them but how can He honor their offering. He can no more accept it than He could Cain’s. “The prayer of a righteous heart (man) availeth much.” James 5:16
Should faith and God be simple, not complicated by repentance and sacrifice? Actually, a baby Christian might have a simple faith, a childlike faith—minus the understanding of how it all works. Sheer joy, bubbling emotions, peace that passes understanding but we are warned not to stay on a milk diet. For good reason. This journal is about the meat, the seeds taking root, a deeper faith built on the knowledge of God and understanding. The reason many are tested and fail—losing faith (that was me)—is because the church has starved them—even the faithful. It’s one thing to lose interest in fellowship or be lazy on Sunday. I’m saying even those who hunger and thirst are not fed by many Christian institutions. The depth of our faith is found in the sixty-six books! Churches spit out a story here, a lesson there. Who can grasp it? It’s like giving candy and chips to a malnourished toddler. Picture the cruelty!

"Solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil" (Hebrews 5:14). Milk is good, but not for long. Meat is better and leads to true Christian practice.

Thanks for the post.
I know the church I used to attend didn't feed me at all. It's why I hesitate to find a new one, and take comfort in my alone time with Him and the Bible.
Amen to you both. Crystal, I will pray you and your family can find a good church home, and I invite you to pray for us. We are homeless as well. There is a lot of good meat out there, on the waves, books, blogs, as long as we stick to the Bible for discernment. Thanks for the comments :-)
Ouch! My smile broke! LOL
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