Sunday, June 12, 2005


I've Been Deep Purpled

Who would've thunk a Deep Purple concert (their first in the U S, this tour) would be a family outing! I'm not a hardcore fan but I was outnumbered three to one. I found myself praying as my rhythm sense kicked in...moved by the fact that heaven should include something from this end of the music spectrum. Loads of passion, power, and drive. Emotionally peaked, I'm wondering if Ian Gillan (Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus fame too) will be there, forever singing in the voice he alone owns. The original drummer has been since "Hush", 1968, and long time (just not THAT long) bassist drove it home. Sorry, no names have I, but I cheated on the guitarist. Steve Morse, the new guy, blended with grace and style; ditto on keyboards...both had classical inklings.
Here's the thing...I have a deep appreciation for the discipline it takes to pull off a performance of this caliber. I finished music school. Presently, I watch my sons grasping at straws trying to find enough discipline in themselves and moreso, in others, to make it work. Sure, it's fun but not ALL of it! It really was a sweet appreciation that hit me last night...for human capacity--talent, hard work, and discipline. Don't we need to access these everyday? Underneath the Christian joy is a touch of drudgery. God-given talent must be tapped. Sometimes it flows like the synchronized music of a seasoned rock band and sometimes, it needs more practice, discipline, prayer time. The joy makes a comeback as dear as last night's concert.
They smiled up there. It was joyous for them. You could feel it. Perhaps it was Christian love, the Holy Spirit moving my prayers for these guys. Doesn't your cup ever overflow like that? Then, Ian Gillan announced a solo written by Steve Morse. It was inspired by the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster. Deep Purple had emailed back and forth with the crew. He said, "Let's remember those who have sacrificed their lives to better ours." There were Christians on the Columbia--a spark of hope. I detect a Christian-like appreciation for selflessness.
I don't know but perhaps God was leaving me with one last glimmer. As the band neared the end of encore hit, "Hush", which Ian credited to be 5000 years old--(: )that would be Eden for all us literalists!) a train passed by, close by--whistle blowing in tune to the finale. I would like to think Deep Purple is bound to Glory! Amen

My guys will call me a poser for writing this. Don't they believe in conversion? "Light dawns in the darkness for the upright; He is gracious, merciful, and righteous." ~Psalm 112:4

This is so funny! Deep Purple? I cant even think of any of their songs off the top of my head but I know they are pretty hard. What really made you go to the concert?

What did you study in music school?
Wow...your blog has been deep purpled too, like the new look!
It really is funny! Not everyone would get the humor. Any Deep Purple fans? My sons and my husband are hardcore, which is really why I went. Anything to keep the family together! So, I went with it.
I studied piano and clarinet as a music therapy major. I was busy memorizing classical and missed the pop scene, but Deep Purple was big when I was in h.s. So, atleast I knew who I was going to hear!!

Thanks Sven...glad you noticed. It took a lot of time! LOL, I mean thanks for the comment. Only the color-blind wouldn't notice!
I am so glad I found your blog! I found it through Wayne's (although now that I know he can't think of a single Deep Purple song I may stop reading his).

I enjoyed this post but what got to me was what you said about how your friends don't know the "blogging" side of you and you enjoy the deeper type of conversations you can find through blog friends. I feel 100% the same way. My boyfriend doesn't even read my blog because he is not interested in half of what I have to say, yet I get wonderful comments from "strangers" all the time. It's been very eye opening to say the least.

(I have a few blogs and don't usually advertise them like this - but I think you'd like the one called "Layla's Classic Rock Faves" because I have a photo and post about Deep Purple (and many others).

God Bless you!
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