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Lie Down

If you have tackled the almost all encompassing prophecy of Daniel—Seventy Sevens—and if you remember the Genesis 3:15 foretelling of the first major battle between Heaven and Hell in the Garden of Gethsemane, culminating in the Cross and Empty Tomb of God’s Son, where it appeared for a time, the Father and Satan were working together to end the life of Jesus. Well, even if you have not grasped the intensity of these precognitions…it is time to move on to the second quarter.
The fathers of Judaism and granddaddies of Christianity, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, truly knew through their connection with God, what was up. Abraham saw the stars in the heavens and heard God proclaim a promise like no other. Isaac believed on that promise when he trusted his dad enough, and his DAD, to lie down on the altar under Abraham’s raised knife. Jacob knew God had kept the promise when his dearest son Joseph, long thought dead, shows up as one of the most powerful men in Egypt, definitely set in position for the salvation, yes, rescue, of God’s Chosen from deadly famine. What was the promise?
“I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name
great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever
curses you, I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
~Genesis 12:2-3
Are we willing to lie down on the altar to face our own death? Can we trust God to rescue us from death? It is an act of our will, a choice, to let go. Let go of what? Reason? Intellect? Dreams, desires, wealth, loved ones? I am convinced there is no need to surrender our minds, our creativity or our logic. These are God’s gifts to us for our use to His glory. Dreams, wealth, family? Well, there are plenty of examples where these are placed second to God’s purpose yet these, too are gifts from God, which are not evil in themselves; they all play a huge role in God’s plan. The passing on of tradition and faith is exercised with all of these tools. It is when they are misused that God sheds a different light on the matter. Surrendering to God’s will and God’s truth is not only a matter of life and death. Our choice makes all the difference between a long life with Him or a short one without…with Him or against Him. It is black and white. If Abraham, Isaac or Jacob had denied Him? If we deny Him? Same difference, there are consequences. Not for God’s plan…yours.

This is so awsome! The stuff you are writting about is hitting me right in the middle of what I am reading and studying. I started reading from the beginning of the Bible again so I am getting all the of Genesis stuff anew. I always learn tons of stuff when I am in scripture (the Holy Spirit is a great teacher). And I am reading a book about C. S. Lewis and his writtings and of course part of that is "The Chronicles of Narnia" where Aslan climbs up on the alter to be a sacrifice for Edmund and the children.

When the Lord needs to work on me in some issue he shows me it over and over and over again.

Keep up the great work!
I deeply appreciate the encouragement. From you, from is electric when Aslan is on the move!
You people are in denial. There is nothing supernatural, your god is an illusion, just like any other gods. I

wasted 30 years of my life following this myth, it destroyed my life, it is an evil religion based on ancient

superstitions, lies, contradictions, fairytales and wishful thinking. There is no such thing as a personal

relationship with Jesus, because he is not real. There is no holy spirit, and as I am an ex-christian, I speak

from experience, for I tried everything to have a relationship with this God, but it was always a one way

relationship, alive only in my mind. What is criminal is for preachers and churches to tell people that this

fantasy is real, when we all know that there is no proof, no verifiable interactions or miracles of any kind

from any such entity that supposedly loves us. It is nothing less than mass psychosis and it undermines one's

ability to survive in the real world, because no imaginary friend is really there for us. Relying on Christ, the

Holy Ghost or Yahweh or any other god is foolhardy because doing so disarms you, makes you weak and unable to

deal with reality by focusing on Reality. The truth is that a loving God would have compassion and would be a

part of our life, just like other creatures can be our friends and love us. True Love does not come with strings

attached, it is merciful and puts Love first, it changes things and creatures for the better, it does not

destroy or hurt, it wants to be with you because it misses your Love, it is not distant like this christian god,

it does not use intermediaries, it is open and pure and simple. The Jesus of the bible is none of these things,

I called for 30 years and there was no answer. I am not going to pretend anymore. It is very sad to realize that

there is no afterlife, but this hurts only because those lying preachers created this desire in us in the first

place. Nobody wants to die or lose loved pets or friends forever, but just like the Santa Claus myth, it hurts

much less if you outgrow it in your early years. By the way, anybody who says that Jesus blessed them so and so

just say that, but it means nothing, for it cannot be proven. Jesus or Yahweh don't fare any better when

compared to other gods, either. One could use the same type of apologetics, faith "arguments" or testimonials or

hearsay, or unprovable rationales, to come up with any excuses for any divinity to exist. There is no more proof

of cognitive interaction between the Christian God and man than there is for Allah and the rest of them, all

indifferent and cold and empty and yes, dead. I say all of this with great sadness, for I wasted my life

following a shadow and a lie. And yes, I asked Jesus to come into my heart and repented and confessed that I am

a sinner and I tried all other ways of praying or approaching God or Christ, but my despair at the ever present

silence from the Trinity never softened the nonexistent heart of this nonexistent Being. Finally, after 30

years, I have no choice but to realize that they are not real. As I say these things, I mean no disrespect, for

I always had faith when I prayed, but I am not going to have faith unto death itself. If this God is not

interested in a relationship in my lifetime, it's almost impossible there would be anything at all thereafter.

For all we know, we turn into putrid slime and rot and the brain structures that held the information that made

us who we where are gone forever. There is no proof that there is a soul, beyond of what the brain allowed us to

be. A God who was not interested in being a real part of our lives when we where here on Earth is very unlikely

to care thereafter, even if he indeed existed. The greatest crime of this God, as with any others, is his great

Inhumanity to man and beast alike. I have come to realize that this can only be because unlike what The Bible

says, it is us who created Him in our own anthropomorphic image, a deluded vision of the Universe as explained

by a more savage humanity, bathing in blood, Jesus's or everybody else's, and it might as well be so, because

the fascination with violence fills the Bible as it filled ancient history and on to our era, and it remains as

Scriptures, even to this day. The irony is that the god who killed my soul is not even there to shed a tear.

Christianity, with all its purported acts of goodwill, has perpetrated a much greater number of injustices and

moral crimes, and as such I see it as the greatest and most pernicious Lie ever to befall mankind. The sooner we

free ourselves from this yoke of fancies, the more chance future humans will have to maybe, at some point in a

distant future, bring a modicum of sanity and balance to this wretched world, and hopefully even prolong and

better Life on Earth. And then, assuming we will have shed all our ancient vices, religion and all feuds there

might arise, a stronger and more civilized of eras, might come upon to bring the true security we seek, and

Love, and health, and purity of heart. If Love is ever to control our lives, we must continue to evolve in human

spirit and learn to let kindness and Love reflect in actions. Morality is not of God, but it's a human

construct, and it will die with us, unless we change. Religion brought the worst in us. It makes good people do

bad things, it blinds you to the truth, and makes one cling to factions. It is the great Abomination. And yes,

Jesus is no different, he answers prayer not, just like his father, because it is a myth. The story of my life:

He stole my life, and he's not real, I cry in blood, my own real, spiritual blood of years of tears.

Oh, but thank you Jesus for a life of absence on Your part and of Your Father - so alike...- oh, Lord of broken

promises, you master of excuses, there's nothing holy in your spirit, no prayer answered and no mercy, I kill

you in my heart for good, you don't exist except in our minds and I am weary, I am weak, you made me so, just

like your "miracle" statistics. I flip a coin and get better results than you can muster. Compassion demands

more presence on your part, but no, you are a myth, a parable it seems... A parable speaking in parables, a

forgery and fraud.

There probably is no God and so I suffer, as do so many others, I'm sure of it... But as for me, I will pretend

no more.
Anonymous perhaps you should read what you have written. Its quite good. It also reveals that you do understand what is good verses evil and therefore I would assume your problem/dilema is not with a God but with religion. Perhaps your closer to God than you realize! Perhaps you have been shown that you followed religion instead of God. There is an old saying that all great lies have a basis in truth. Should any religion not be subject to the same scrutiny? As far as I am concerned they are all deceived but that is man not God. I, was raised up in a christian denomination practically from birth. I am in my 50s now. They did their best to brainwash me according to their way. All religions do this. God did not do this they did. God gave US a brain to use not to lend it out to others. Our walk is with God not with religion. You obviously have a passion for the truth. Do not give up on it or on God. You won't find too many friends along the way but there is something to be said in that saying to thine own self be true. In other words piss on what others want you to believe find out what God wants you to Know.
Take care
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