Thursday, June 30, 2005


A Rhetorical Question

Vox Apologia has been on stuck on XX, trying to roundup some thoughts on the question, "Is Christianity Absurd?" I scribbled down some thoughts a while ago but never put them out there. I guess I'm still not clear on what falls under apologetics but here's the scribble on what seems a rhetorical question begging for a yes...

Yes! Why not? Listen to ourselves. God set Adam and Eve up for failure…tell someone “you can do anything you want, just don’t_____”. Try not obsessing about the don’t! So, maybe the serpent didn’t even have to try so hard! Story continues…a band of brothers are to become the twelve tribes of His Holiness, perfect in every way cause God told ‘em how it’s done. They got the Law! But it was a setup too cause surely, God knew it was humanly impossible to keep the Law! Then, the Father pulls out the big guns, His Son, and shows everybody it can be done, cause Jesus did, and then has the Young Man killed in His prime when His following was just gettin going. This has something to do with cleansing all sin for all time. The only thing ya have to do is believe it! And we do. Big surprise…they call us fools for Christ. Change the story? Well, there is a different perspective.

The absurdities can be diminished as we gain knowledge of God. The Love and Justice, the gift of Choice, the blessing of Truth and Guidance, the result of Freedom and Peace through relationship, obedience, and trust. The holy God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Mercy of Christ on the cross, can overshadow the insanely foolish view. But no matter, the wise will reject it. Only the one who lets go, willing to play the fool, will see.

But of course Christianity is absurd, well, for the human mind that is. No human in all of eternity would ever come up with such a stupid scheme. We humans would all try to do it ourselves somehow. That is why we had to rely on God to do it, and what a beautiful thing that is!
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