Monday, July 11, 2005


The Battle Continues

Here’s a challenge for all you relativists who like to think all religions are equal, probably true and able to get people to heaven if their followers are faithful.
Mrs. Schaeffer wrote, “It was not enough that the lamb had died …[the first Passover]. For the death of the lamb to be effective in protecting the household [from death’s utter presence], the blood needed to be applied to the two door posts at the side of the door and to the upper post above the doorway.” P 57; Christianity is Jewish

The reason for this lies behind the true battle here. Is it between Moses and Pharaoh? Freedom and slavery? The release of the nation, Israel? Of course…but when is the last time anyone taught the other history in Sunday school? Have you heard a sermon on Spiritual warfare lately? The unseen battle between God and Satan, Jehovah God and Egypt’s pagan religions/gods is at a climax here. God is about to pass His Almighty Judgment on Egypt and their false gods. Mrs. Schaeffer again, “Here is a group of people believing false teachings and worshipping false gods. The living God did not say, ‘These are different ways of worshipping me’.” Which deity was going to be proven real? What teachings were true? Not both. They were exclusive of each other. The battle rages on today!

So, why did the people need to paint blood on their home? How is Jesus’ blood applied? Jesus’ sacrifice of blood on the cross didn’t save the world in a relativistic sense. It was an event for all people, for all time but the blood must be painted on the doorposts of the our hearts. We must believe and trust our Savior God. As the Israelites, in pure faith, followed the instructions given by Moses, trusting him at His Word, so we are to be ready, as pilgrims in a wilderness, to trust and obey the One and Only True God down to the last instruction before we enter the Promised Land of Heaven.
The prayer of Jesus, "Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent." ~John 17:3

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