Thursday, July 21, 2005


Immediate Need

Why did the brand new Hebrew nation start with the complaints almost immediately? Was their immediate need that dire that they would let it come between them and their Father God? Their worries passed on to their children could tear the foundations apart before the mortar was dry! Doubts and fear were flowing like a molten lava cascade from a live volcano. And yes, hell and demons come to mind. Others, praying fervent believers’ prayers, remembering God’s amazing proof at the Red Sea…they knew in their hearts He was still with them and really did care about His people.

Sometimes our immediate needs are real and urgent. Who can blame Christians who are this very day “complaining” about the political situations where abortion, euthanasia, eminent domain, gay marriage, Christian oppression, gun control, illegal immigration, socialism…are hovering over Western Civilization like the blade of a guillotine. Are some becoming embittered toward God? If Christians are tracking the record…they will soon realize they have only themselves, or their Christian ancestors, to blame. The needs are imminent so how will we now respond? Did God send the manna because of the remnant? The faith of Moses? Or was He tired of the complaints? Perhaps it was all of the above. Let’s take inventory…is our President a man of faith? Is there a trusting remnant who believes and has seen God’s power? That leaves complainers…we got lots of them! (me too) Will there need to be a critical mass, as Dr. Richard Land called it, before God will provide for his faithful? Is it persistence we are called to? Are the complainers focusing on God’s ability to provide or do they find comfort in their own voice? One true differentiating point: are the voices complaining for their own survival or are they actually crying out for the Judeo-Christian cause? You know, the greater good? The second at least seems nobler.

I would like to understand God’s provision for Israel…it was for the establishment of His Law and Purpose that He kept His Chosen alive…but responding to whining gimme’s is so welfare state. Well, let’s just call it reparations and move on. But notice how God offers compensation and is done with it…Nowhere in history have the Jews come out crying for more, decades, a century later.

God provides, the Church provides. Robin Hood is dead. So be it for wealth redistribution. There was no redistribution of the manna but everyone was asked to only take enough for one day. Makes sense that if someone got greedy, others would go hungry. Communism do I hear? NO, Judeo-Christian ethics…employers provide fair pay and workers, be satisfied or go elsewhere. AFL-CIO, labor unions, take a hike! You have taken too much manna and now it’s rotten!

Motives are easily disguised, even to ourselves. As we become more involved, keep in mind the Israelites and watch the attitude. Let us humble ourselves before we pray, or complain, or act. God knows our every need. Whether He will provide depends on us, according to the promise, 2 Chronicles 7:14.

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