Monday, July 04, 2005


Israel's Independence Day!

Why did God put on such a display—fireworks, you could even call it—in the ten plagues? Wow! Was it God’s tomfoolery or True Wisdom, showing off or Purpose? Edith Schaeffer sheds new light! God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, we already know. But why? He could just as easily softened Pharaoh into releasing his slaves. God and Satan were in full battle mode here. God knew Pharaoh and the Deceiver behind him. The majesty of Egypt might “let the people go” but it would be temporary…God was lengthening the distance the captives would cover toward the Red Sea with each plague. By the time the tenth and most severe plague, the death of all Egypt’s firstborn, was inflicted on the tyrant, he was too stunned to change his mind. The Israelites were able to traverse the wilderness, all the way to their first obstacle, where God had more fireworks in store.

Passover, the fourteenth day of the first Hebrew month, the beginning of a Hebrew calendar, was the freeing of a nation. It was, for the Israelites, the second clear demonstration of salvation, and for us. Not simply a show of power but a picture in history, once again, of how to come to God. The people needed to have their memories refreshed, to remember the teaching from Abraham’s experiences. Israel’s Independence Day was about a renewed faith and dependence on God. So was ours. Some of us need to have our memories refreshed.

Wayne, over at Questions and Answers, has a great post and similar reminder.

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