Saturday, July 16, 2005


Rev. Jonathan Mayhew

History for mommies, daddies and other true Americans...countdown to One Nation Under God, 15 days.

The Resistance Theory gives a great deal of umph to Judge Roy Moore's refusal to obey the higher court. It could have given a nurse (and did give some civilians) in Pinellas Park the courage to slip a drink of water to her patient. It should have given the police the fortitude to back off. If only we were educated in the true history of this Godly, one of a kind dynamite nation, America, so that we actually knew what makes her so Great!

This sermon quote starts on the idea that a king's authority is legitimate when the king obeys Higher Law, but when the king..."turns tyrant and makes his subjects his prey to devour and to destroy instead of his charge to defend and cherish, we are bound to throw off our allegiance to him and to resist." ~Rev. Jonathan Mayhew

"We may safely assert...that no civil rulers are to be obeyed when they enjoin things that are inconsistent with the commands of God...All commands running counter to the declared Will of the Supreme Legislator of heaven and earth, are null and void; and therefore disobedience to them is a duty, not a crime (my emphasis)." ~Mayhew (Adler, Mortimer J.; The Revolutionary Years)

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