Saturday, August 13, 2005


Lest Ye Be Judged, Part 2

Sorry, two-morrows later. Previously, I asked fellow bloggers to correct, rebuke and otherwise encourage wise blogging here. What if no one corrects my false witness and God judges me harshly as is promised. Judgment is not always a bad thing. We should all long for it, along with persecution…if neither come, there is probably something horribly wrong. There are only two possibilities. We are either pleasing the enemy in which case we had better hear from our brothers and sisters, hopefully before our Father has a Hand in it, OR we are pleasing God which is supposed to arouse some lively Christian bashing. It is clearly the preachers and teachers who are most accountable for the purity of the Bride; no whoring around…try out Ezekiel if you think I’m being foul.

This does not let the parishioners off the hook. The leader is responsible for the fate of his flock in many ways but the people have the Holy Spirit and the Word for “correcting and rebuking”. Supposing a remnant had gone to Aaron. Might have their humble imputation bumped Aaron back on track? Sparing Moses and ultimately everyone from the whole ugly ordeal?

I have an unbelieving friend who revealed her wisdom to me, a few years back. I was in a relativistic church at the time and I told her, “Many people in my church “think” the same way you do and you would probably fit in just fine!” I really wanted her to try “church”. Her answer? “They sound hypocritical.” Wow. I didn’t see that one coming. She didn’t believe and was honest about who she was…even if I hated her unbelief! The tolerant faithful in my church were simply fooling themselves, or maybe just the observer, that they were believers at all! Ghastly impurities seeping into the foundation so that one could hardly tell the “church” from my friend’s house in the woods.

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