Saturday, September 24, 2005


The Final Answer

This is the final response in this series from a discussion essay for a class at Geneva College. These students are really thinking, not that there is any favoritism here! ; ) This will hopefully give you something to chew on since I won't be getting to my computer for a few days. I will read all your wonderful comments then! To the essay:

Yeah, I hear what you’re saying and I agree. I thought Nancy Pearcy’s lecture was pretty good, although even she didn’t quite stress why it is important for us to learn about worldviews. I know it gets pretty difficult for me to keep hearing about all these other worldviews, and how they fit into Christianity. I feel that the point they should be making should apply to both religious and non-religious people. They should stress a little more strongly the point that a Biblical worldview is not only important to a Christian, but also holds up well logically for non-Christians. Even a non-religious person should be taught to appreciate the consistency of the Bible and what it teaches. To me, it is not only important to study how each other worldview answers the basic questions of life. It is even more important to show where each of these other worldviews falls short when examined thoroughly. Then it is important to show us how the Biblical worldview has an answer to each of those questions, where all the other worldviews fail. I feel that all of those other worldviews are created by man, and are therefore incomplete and ultimately fail in answering any of life’s questions.

Submitted by cwv's son, a third year student.

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