Saturday, September 17, 2005


Let Us Resolve

Happy Constitution Day! This is our anniversary; the longest surviving constitution in the world has its birthday today! There are no celebrations but in the quiet hearts of men and women who remember. Thanks to our own Tribune-Review, I am reminded.

Constitution Week: sounds like a good time to get back to History for Mommies! As a kickoff, I share with my faithful few fans this Trib editorial and share a few thoughts from an interview by Bill Steigerwald (in the same issue) of author and Duquesne University (my alma mater) law professor Ken Gormley. The point of the U. S. Constitution was and is to scatter the powers that be. It wasn't just to escape aristocratic monarchy but also it was a protection of the people, from the people! The miraculous document was to never be subject to popularity (polls), popular issues (trends), or popular politics (groupism). The Constitution was built as a rock upon the Rock solid Biblical Law--if that is just way too scarey for you secularists, it is often called Natural Law but they are one and the same. God has never bent to the whims of popularity (unlike some churches) and neither should our country's foundational document! As Prof. Gormley explains, "It applies to everyone, and everyone gets to use it in the same way, whether you are poor or are the best lawyer in the state." I add,...whether you are republican or democrat.

We have been watching the politicization of the judicial nominee hearings. Chief Justice nominee, John Roberts, in all of his brilliance, has clearly told the world, it's not about you and your politics. It's not about his either. It's about the untouchable Law. Hands off!

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