Saturday, September 24, 2005


To Every Part, a Purpose

Yeah, I think you got my point exactly. You made a real key point in identifying the Bible as absolute truth. That’s why it worries me a great deal when I hear anybody dismissing a part of it as fiction. I think in order to keep our biblical framework strong, you have to accept the entire Bible as absolute truth. You also made a good point about the mind sometimes misinterpreting that truth. I think all of our human minds are fallible, and should not be trusted. That is why I think the Biblical worldview is the only true worldview that can stay consistent in all of its major points. Many worldviews are merely creations of the human mind, which changes constantly according to its surroundings and can not be trusted. Building your framework out of the human mind’s creation is like trying to build your house on a pool of silly putty. Your analogy to us as walking cathedrals is a good one. Cathedrals are built so that everything in their structure has a purpose, just as everything in our worldviews has a purpose. That is to hold the rest of it together and strengthen our beliefs. Then we will be long lasting displays of God’s creation and way of thinking.

This response from cwv's son.

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