Thursday, November 17, 2005


Instant World, Just Add God

Are you a creationist in an evolutionist suit? There is a sense that indeed the suit’s got to go! Try on these jeans for size! In a comment, my friend John explains how Genesis is the story of God’s choosing man over all other creatures to represent His glory. What has troubled me most is this resting (leaning, putting full weight) on a myth an entire worldview (life’s meaning, man’s purpose and condition). The opposite position is that history, reality, what is might be a more comfortable resting place. Why are Christians clinging to the philosophy of evolution?

The scientific argument behind the philosophy of intelligent design : D is that life is too complex even in its most basic form--a cell—to thrive in any lesser form. Evolution naturally stresses an evolving cell, if I understand it correctly. That is not what Darwin said. He believed the cell to be the simplest life form, which eventually progressed to more complex life forms. The point is life was NEVER simple and ID scientifically observes that life had to appear on earth in fully developed form---instantaneously.

John claims that evolution science allows for abrupt appearing of complex organisms and species, due to environmental changes of greater proportion. Somehow I think he means out of their previous forms, not out of nothing. This is the crucial divisive belief. Life, in a momentous instant, begins with no previous living matter. Hebrews 11:3 says, “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made of what was visible.” Please forgive my unscientific lapse, but abrupt complex life forms point directly to creation/ID science…er, um philosophy.

Origins science must be supported by actual scientific evidence. The science of ID observes the evidence of non-stages between non-life and life. At the very core of life, the cell could not possibly function at any level without ALL its workings, mechanisms; they are symbiotic. Without even one of its functions, there is non-life. There is a proven leap in intricacy between nothing and something living. The other scientific observation is the interweaving of chemicals in a symphony of responses to a wound. Blood clotting results from a perfect harmony of multiple chemicals—a balance without which life cannot be sustained.

The argument—philosophical theory—is that the immediate measure for functioning is not something that is built upon, randomly or otherwise, in stages. “It” must occur in a moment. “For He spoke and it (earth) came to be; He commanded, and it stood firm." ~Psalm 33:9 “For the Word of God is living and active.” Hebrew 4:12 The Greek for ‘living Word’ is Zao. Other ways it has been translated are “come to life”, “receive living”, “brought to life”, and my absolute favorite, “returned to life”.

Sudden, abrupt, spontaneous life! If there is no gradual climb to this point of demarcation, no “little bit” of life, then truly, evolution and ID are diametrically opposed. Either life and each species were momentarily designed creations or they were not. Once the taste of sweet Truth is digested, the lie becomes bitterly exposed. It is not poison in itself but as it creeps into the honey of Christian faith, Zao becomes less sweet. Who needs it when science is revealing a supernatural event? To God be the glory for all His wondrous deeds.

God pulled a cell together, all at once! He sure as heck wouldn’t have any trouble with throwing a human or two together, all at once! Spontaneous life—key words—from God…not nature, not natural selection.

Hebrew word: Bara-“created out of nothing” God created. The word is only used to refer to man and woman, the heavens and earth, and, for a more mysterious reason, the great creatures of the sea. There was dust involved and a bone, so the history goes. Lifelessness became Life. Void became Earth. Jesus never said, “Remember that story Uncle Moses used to tell?” No, when He quoted the words of Genesis, He spoke matter-of-factly of the history of Creation.
While the battle rages in Dover, a real war is being waged between the angels of God and those of Satan. Where there is a struggle for Truth against lies, there be Satan. Changes have occurred in nature. Now, with all the searching and observation of the millions of varieties of life, logic alone declares those changes are always within a species. Empirically, the verdict is in. Theory needs evidence. How on earth has evolution remained a theory, philosophy or anything but a myth? Dear Father, let the debate burst from its prison into whatever arena it finds itself!

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