Monday, November 14, 2005


Natural Fluff

Verging on gossip but being only third hand, I will venture to put it out there on those grounds. I just hope I won’t have to go to jail for not revealing my source. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was approached with a question on natural law being derived from our humanity i.e. “All men are created equal.” Judge Scalia was heard calling the concept fluff, at which point the questioner pressed him further with a repeat of the question. As if to say the notion is too vague, the great conservative Justice reaffirmed his gesture of seeming disregard for the ideals of our founding documents. He finds himself too about the business of actual laws…perhaps case law is his target reference? Mind you, this is speculation. The conversation is reliably true but what His Honor meant is another matter. One fact is certain, lawyers and judges are being trained in case law and have virtually no knowledge of the Declaration and Constitution. Is this not scary enough? Hon. Scalia has certainly shown his understanding of our Constitution! Since we will never know his true intent in calling natural law ‘fluff’, let’s speculate! Oh goody!

What is natural law? It is law based in human nature as revealed by an objective Being, grounded in Truth. In other words, it is law discovered by man’s ability to reason, as opposed to law created, subjectively, by reasonable men. You see, Justice Scalia could have been hedging on either side of this definition, could he not? Fluff meaning “who can know it?” or “who is clever enough to create it?”

Before we get worked into a frenzy calling for Scalia’s impeachment (since there are five others to consider more seriously!) there is a weak link in nature’s law that could break tomorrow or sooner. We are actually fighting a war for the weakest link. It is a gnawing fact: the natural law—revealed by an objective truth and fitting the definition—of Islam is shown to be faulty and therefore, by reason, false. What is it that exposes the lie? Oppression. Hate. Death. Natural?

Granted, the free republic is relatively new to the Judeo-Christian world but its development had been building for centuries. The birth of the United States was only a matter of time! Is the free republic of Islam a question of working out the chinks? It appears we are about to find out.

As true believers in the One True God who said, “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life”, are we left with any room for doubt? Natural Law and the foundational statement, “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” is Judeo-Christian Law by definition because we believe there is no other truth beside Thee, Jehovah God. We had better start calling Him by Name because there is some confusion out there.

Nature’s law tells us nothing more than trees grow and clouds eventually spill, the sun rises regularly and animals are not human! It is very base. Is it found in conscience? Theoretically yes. Actually? Not while the Deceiver yet survives. Not by meditation and inward searching is it made known. You would think human nature senses murder as an absolute wrong but socio-paths lose this sense. Terrorists, whether by brainwashing or gut belief, follow Death as their god. We will not know this side of heaven if conscience, the voice of nature, ever kicks in before they push the button or yield the sword.

Is this why Justice Scalia refers to the laws of nature as pure fluff? Oh sure, the flip side of the coin is that relativisticly, in the multicultural world of cultural equality, natural law is buried with all of its implications: one truth exists to be found. Scalia’s court decisions have shown little to no evidence of this mindless wondering. He is about the business of law, keeping his head out of the fluffy clouds of idealism and his feet on the solid Rock.

Thus I conclude, the Honorable Antonin Scalia is shooting for the stars with a few, very few, others. Judeo-Christian principles are to be found in the Holy Written Word of God, Jehovah-M’Kaddesh, Who sanctifies. This is God’s Name found in Leviticus, the book of LAW.
“To Him be the dominion forever and ever. Amen.” ~Peter, who knew Him (1Peter 5:11)

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