Friday, November 25, 2005


Oracles of God

Romans 2: Paul asks is there is any plus to being a Jew. After all, the whole ceremony, ritual, law thing had not saved them. All the outward signs were futile. God wanted a circumcision of the heart, a diet for the soul. Paul being Paul, he answers his own question. Yes, there is much advantage being Jewish because of the “commitment to the oracles of God, the teaching of God in the Bible”. This is an observation available today. Messianic Jews have phenomenal faith if they have followed the Hebrew teachings and their intricacies. They have been far more able to connect the dots between testaments and have much to teach Gentile Christians. I love reading Zion’s Fire, a Messianic mag full of rich faith lessons from Zion’s Hope. The remnant who have given their hearts to God through the centuries, and religiously taught their children the meaning of Passover, the other feasts, the promises and the law for living a God pleasing life, the remnant who have boldly protected Truth against false teaching and any other gods besides the One Almighty Living Creator God, for these we shall be forever indebted.

So what male circumcision could not do, keep separate God’s Chosen, the circumcision through faith has achieved. We cannot know, except of our own heart, who belongs in the remnant. But that does not mean the line isn’t drawn! What exactly parts mankind into two? Mrs. Schaeffer pinpoints it better than I: “It is the way of coming to please [their false gods], or trying to please the real God, by works of their own hands—religious good works or moral good works.” (p 78)…those springing off from the spiritual line of Cain. Too simplistic? All religions, other than Christianity, either work their way to their god or believe they can approach God as they are. Many Christians follow the same self-sufficient logic, putting them on the wrong side of history as well.

Here might be an opportune time to introduce a very apropos website written by four young Christian men. Deathway (ht: qandablog!) theme is, “to die is gain” as we let go of our own will, die to self, and live by faith in Christ alone. “Thy will be done…in our hearts, and lives, and throughout all the earth.” Amen.

Surrender: a recurring theme in my faith journey of late. May God have His way with you and me. May we follow in the line of Abel and truly be God’s remnant.

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