Monday, December 19, 2005


It Was CHRIST-mas In the Burgh

Trans-Siberian Orchestra lit the season with rockets red (blue and green) glare and bombs bursting in air (Oh, that was Jeff Plate's drum solo!), gave proof through the night that our Savior's still there! There was enough heart to melt Siberia, enough energy to take the Northern Lights to Australia, and enough Christ to make you think it's fifty years ago but enough Rock to realize it's not, enough Hope to see that this might be the reality fifty years hence for there was enough rejoicing in the Lord and King to believe it was heaven. You have heard of the blinding Light of God? They had that too! BTW, I didn't know James Lewis (singer of rock in the best sense) is from Pittsburgh!

There was a moment when I realized the lost girl in the story, coming home to her father, did find meaning in the lost Church which has strayed from Home...and I caught a picture of a broken Father receiving His child, one at a time. I wasn't sitting in my house-church and we weren't in a box of a quiet church somewhere, like a gift that will never be received. No, this was an arena, with thousands of people and enough excitement to keep Christmas for eternity, if we could only hold it like the angels can. But behold, TSO and Chris Caffery said something about next year!

Until then, I wanna mess with their lyrics--hope they don't mind:
"Kyrie among nations
Hear the strings (bells) ring through the night
Hoping that we'll all understand
Every dream we have's in His (our) Hands
And for every string
May they sing all through the night...
May they ring all through your life."

The celebration included a sincere thank you to our military. The theme was peace and giving; that is what our service men and women, and their families, is all about. We're still praying for early peace and their safe return home.

Something else was inspired by TSO last night. I have been waiting to reveal a new ministry trying to birth here in Pittsburgh so here's a tease. Standing in the Gap hopes to offer support and second chances for the downtrodden, most often anonymously, in the Name of Jesus, as a gift to Him, for His Kingdom and glory. So far, the needs are being brought forth junctured to perfect timely arrival of money. If this is any indication of God's involvement, you will be hearing more soon!

As we walked toward home, the snow fell with such peace that night. The city was being given a clean, white coat. Now I'm ready for Jesus.

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