Monday, January 23, 2006



Odd how doctor assisted suicide, in Oregon, was upheld by the court. How has death by one’s own hand become lawful? I know three other families up close and personal, affected by suicide. One, a youngest son, one, the mother of three young children, and the father of the young Jewish man I dated through college. It is said Jesus gave His life unto death. Nonetheless, it was starkly different from suicide. God made certain it was by another’s hand, legally bound, even though it was bad law. Why? Because suicide is sin. Thankfully, murder hasn’t been socially accepted, sort of. But I digress.

I’ll share a story of supernatural proportion. It’s about the watch my dad gave me when I was twelve. Do you know when it stopped running? The day Dad took his own life. The landlord asked if I had the time—I suppose for the recorded time of death. The thing is, it didn’t just stop. When I looked, the hands were lying loose and in limbo at the bottom of the face. I didn’t remember hitting it…I hadn’t done anything vigorous. It just fell apart in an ominous, dramatic act of closure. I won’t know if Dad asked for forgiveness until I get Home. All I am certain of is, forgiveness is for anyone who asks with a sorry heart.

If you’ve had an abortion, and the sorrow is deeper than despair, God goes even deeper.

Why would a court legalize suicide? Did they, by way of Satan, hear the debate raging in the heavens? God is arguing, “If a woman can’t legally choose to take her own life, how is she free to take the child’s life attached to her?” (Dr. D. James Kennedy radio message) Satan’s answer comes in clever deception, “Then make it so; suicide is good.”
Don’t be fooled. Because the court says it, does NOT make it so. Prayers today for the March for Life, for eyes to be opened and hearts to be wise, for pro-life leaders to be bold as once again, the cry for sacred life is unleashed on D.C.

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