Saturday, January 21, 2006


Waengongi Has a Son

"We acted badly, badly until they
brought us God's carvings...and now we walk His trail."

(Quoted in Plugged In; "A Film 50 Years in the Making"; Marcus Young; Jan. 2006) End of the Spear is a fabulous, glorious movie and theatres are showing it so there is no excuse. The theatre last night at prime time was not full. You want good movies? Then go see them when the rare Christian message hits the screens. In case you haven't been in touch with the Christian underground, this is the story of the five missionary men who were killed in Ecuador in 1956, and the lives they and their families touched when they "made contact" with the violent Waodani tribe. The reason explained in the Plugged In article for the Waodani finally agreeing to the exposure to the outside world was a heart for "the foreigners". School shootings and general youth violence was described to them. The foreigners had become like they were; the Waodani have been changed by the miracle of Christ, "Who didn't spear back" and now they hope their story will be a God-message to the foreigners of the world.

God bless them and we thank them for this incredible movie, made with miraculous intervention by Mart Green, (an appropriate name in light of his movie-making experience) and Steve Saint, along side the Waodani. Glory to God "Who works all things for good to those who love Him." ~Rom. 8:28

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