Friday, February 10, 2006


About Pomegranates

Well no, I haven’t told very many people about my obsession. It has to do with how I read my Bible these days. The more meaning that is found in the details of Old Testament typology and prophecy, the deeper I desire to delve into every detail. So when I read two hundred pomegranates are on the capitals of the temple pillars, I think, “Why pomegranates?” It didn’t help that my friend had to tell me about the health benefits of this purple red fruit. Or that I found shelves of little bottles of pomegranate juice staring at me at the grocery store! OR that November was National Pomegranate Month! AND did I mention that while doing some research on raspberries, supposed to be rich in ellagic acid (a miracle cure for cancer because it attacks the tumor), I found a company that produces a concentrate of the stuff. Guess what else is rich in ellagic acid? This, I find, after a month of buying pomegranate juice for my mother’s lymphoma…because I was…obsessed.

There are a lot of people claiming the meaning of pomegranates, from the obvious Hebrew scholars to Greek food experts, tarot card readers and tabernacle typologists. I’m goin’ with the latter. Some think the Tree of Life was this amazing fruit plant. The pomegranate itself being a symbol of new life—abundant life—eternal life, one site speculated that the Temple would become the trysting place (meeting—as in lovers) for Christ and His Bride. Makes sense. Creepy cause the tarot card actually gave pomegranates the feminine role and palm trees, the male. Palm trees? That would be the other decorative markings along the Temple walls, symbolizing Righteousness and Victory (Christ?) Don’t get excited…tarot cards are not my thing! All I do know is Christ is the First Fruit and the Bride is to bear much fruit—the broken pomegranate with its magnificent seeds is a type for this fertile growing of the Messiah’s Kingdom: the regenerate nation of God’s children.

Welcome to my weird world of typology.

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