Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Here a Year

It is a joy to have the privilege of "feeding five thousand"! How many times have you read a book, an article, or just heard a sweet morsel of truth from the "radical right" media Quinn calls America, and you just wanted to scream from the rooftops...become the first 21st century town crier? The folks who have made it to published status or have 'analyst' tacked on to their famed title at Fox News have no idea how blessed they are. Or maybe they do. Right now, I thank them for being America's voice. It does ease some of the frustration.

On the other hand, I can so relate to the "climb the walls" feeling Quinn and Rose, the smaller genre prophets, who work so darn hard at it only to have a governor a la Rendell and more democrats than the Pied Piper's drones served to them Wednesday morning! (I love my blue state.) The road is about as long and steep as a Yosemite rise. Dr. D. James Kennedy has quite a reach but don't you wonder who's listening?

The pulpits are out there...being used for therapeutic theology in slow doses, sedating the masses. John Whitehead, Grasping at the Wind, profoundly said of this civil religion, "there are believed to be happy endings without moral rebirth, salvation without repentance, achievement without struggle." Don't you just wanna shake 'em? "Snap out of it!"

Well, I desparately wanted to. So here I am, a year later...still more like a whimper under the so very raucous, elite voices of the mainline religious left and MSM. But hey, it's okay. I will be grateful for whatever voice God gives me. Atleast I can sleep at night, nightmares and all. : }
Blogging is my pulpit. Unordained, unorthodox, homeschool-size ministry...how rural can you get? Y'all come back now, ya hear? Tell me about your soapbox!

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