Thursday, February 23, 2006


Today, U.S., Tomorrow, the World!

Quinn played a recording of Antonin Scalia this morning in which the Supreme Court Justice defends the Constitutional law of the United States. (When and where, I missed, sorry.) The attacks on foreign law, living-constitution rulings came swift and clean! Scalia sees this as an increasing problem yet drove the sword of Truth straight through the fraudulent premise by pointing out that we, the U.S., are in the minority by world measures on abortion laws. If the liberal judges, lawmakers, or ACLU were really committed to global, humanist lawmaking, they would dump abortion rights like a hot potato, and Justice Scalia vowed to go along for the ride! He then wasted no time in promising he would jump off the bandwagon before it stopped moving and stand in front of it. Scalia will not betray his country with foreign law rulings. Stunningly, he was next asked, what does this mean for the world? And I quote his in-your-face answer, “I don’t do the world; I do the United States.”

Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer wrote of this stormfront in 1981, A Christian Manifesto, where he unequivocally states (p. 121) “that the United States was founded upon a Christian consensus and that we today should bring Judeo-Christian principles into play in regard to government” (our laws and education) Of course, he insists theocracy is not the name of the game, nor was it the goal of our Founders, yet history remains; the “black regiment”, in clerical garb, was a real and powerful force in the American Revolution.

The globalists, with their humanist consensus, have grown to frightful numbers and have infiltrated some unexpected places. Schaeffer saw this one coming as well. The hippie, humanist yuppies are rearing up in economically sound areas because these cultural liberals joined the system they ironically hate! Now we have economic conservatives working inside the humanist system. (The same holds true within the religious establishment—Schaeffer seems nearly clairvoyant as I read A Christian Manifesto.)

I actually remember Quinn, years ago, being puzzled by a liberal sprout coming out of a Pittsburgh academy attended by the wealthier class. Contradictory? Or an inkling of what is happening now in a Western PA school district, Upper St. Clair. Yes, you can assume from the name, the population of upper class status. Yet, as the conservative run school board ditches a global curriculum, International Baccalaureate, which endorses the “Earth Charter”, showing ties to Marsixm, pushing for demilitarization and “equitable distribution of wealth”, these upper class students and parents are livid! This analysis of IB, according the a school board member, (as quoted in
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, February 22) must be true because ACLU state legal director and papa to an IB student at USC, threatens “a distinct possibility of a lawsuit.”! Well, okay! (Please add sarcasm)

The main point here is, many parents are angrily defending the humanist, global academic program. Huh? The corporate money grabbers are hoping their children will learn how to take their parents’ money to give to the poor someday when they are leaders in the New World community! We are happily (miserably) on our way. Dr. Schaeffer’s plea in the re-released (2005) A Christian Manifesto is direr than ever.

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