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Christian Freedom, Part 1

God never promoted forced entry into His Kingdom (tyranny) but He has asked for obedience—not anarchy. Relationship with God is to be found under God’s Law. Samuel Rutherford understood and wrote about the concept of men under God’s law in Lex Rex. During a time when Rex Lex was the the accepted rule of the day, “The King is law”, Samuel Rutherford, a Scottish minister of the 17th century, proposed Lex Rex, Law is King, as a new way of thinking about the government and the governed. The Founders (here I go on my antiquated way), one century later, fueled the idea into a United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Many of them spoke of a self-governing, responsible population educated on the Word of God. Here is a picture I haven’t forgotten straight out of Wallbuilders.


The Governed


All would submit themselves to the Law of God (more later on what laws that entails), and the three-branched government would be in complete servitude to the people, enforcing God’s law and protecting the citizenry from uncivil behaviors…more later on what behaviors that entails!

Two defenses, before you start firing. Those of you who see legislated morality as an intrusion on your freedom really should take a look at what we once were. Should we go “backwards” depends on what your idea of backwards is. To recapture morality would be a step forward toward our original freedoms to live in a safe, civil society. Secondly, if you are of the anything-but-Christian persuasion, this theocratic set up is not what you might think. Christianity is the very source of freedom; therefore to put God’s Law at the top of the ladder is a gift of governmental tolerance: FREEDOM OF RELIGION or lack thereof. The laws inflicted on society would have to do with protection and civility. Even those who do not honor God can behave as if they do, for the sake of the common good and a predominantly God honoring society. And your problem with this is? While discussing the diversity of cultures and governments, Calvin writes in his Institutes of the Christian Religion, “Yet we see how, with such diversity, all laws tend to the same end. For together with one voice, they pronounce punishment against those crimes which God’s eternal law has condemned, namely, murder, theft, adultery and false witness.” (IV:xx:16) Okay, now, based on your leanings, you can say it, DREAMER! Or, ARE YOU CRAZY? ADULTERY?

Commandments six through nine is all Calvin is referring to. (#10 is the envy which often motivates the above breaches) #1-5 are what would ideally prevent all offenses against humanity because they command loyal relationship with God, but to keep relationship with God can ONLY be a matter of conscience…it cannot be forced.

Christianity as the means by which we live free is rarely understood and is only spoken of in private circles or at Coral Ridge Ministries! It would be an encouragement to hear of other places where Biblical Freedom is discussed. God gave choice to His created mankind because He has no desire to be a tyrant. Tyrants are lonely and unable to trust…fearing betrayal from even the closest friend. God has always desired relationship with mankind. The interference of tyranny in God’s attempt to establish covenant cannot be denied. Under human oppression and force, men will be dissuaded from granting God’s desire for sincere honor and praise.

God and men, loving and trusting one another, men obeying with hearts for Him…this must be a happening within the scope of human freedom. A family is taxed heavily for the benefit of the welfare system. Did that family give willingly? Does that count for charitable contributions since they have precious little left for church and favorite charities? Hate speech is the object of neighbor spying on neighbor on campuses across America, and will be punished! The obedient student is obeying whom? An industrial complex is denied productivity because of smoky chimneys. Have they changed their behavior because they love God’s good Earth or because they wanted to keep making money? Your child buys a McDonald’s hamburger and is penalized because he is fat and broke the law (this one is still in development). Your daughter didn’t wear her seatbelt and has been fined. Our children will make choices about their bodies because they are God’s temples or because the police might catch them? Admit a woman or black to your school because they are qualified and you desire their education or government quotas have forced you. Force denies choice, not to mention right choice. The unlikely partnership of Christians and Libertarians arises from this undeniable fact.

One interesting little tidbit about human law is the blatant protection of al-Qaida’s right to privacy amidst a couple of “bad choices” against the West while we condemn those same freedoms with such atrocities as “Hate Speech hotline” and political speech watchdogs in conservative churches. But heaven forbid a student should tape his America-hating teacher! PUBLIC teachers had better get used to it! For those with muddled brains, the difference is the danger to society and our freedoms. The teacher is indoctrinating our children with treasonous ideas. And in case you missed it, al-Qaida wants us dead.

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