Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Grand Theft Income

Ya know, I like the idea of tax money going into building a good solid Bible-based church on every street corner in America supplied with government paid pastors graduated strictly from Knox Theological Seminary, Wheaton College or Biola University…oh, okay, toss in Moody Bible Institute. Of course, frequent checks on the adequacy of conservative, constitution-based political teaching would be necessary to assure the responsible use of our tax dollars!

Got your attention? Therefore, why would I accept my fellow conservatives’ and my money being thrown into the welfare system, Planned Parenthood, education’s financial assistance and funding at all the left-wing universities and colleges across the country, public education with its ban on God, or the financing of the ACLU’s courtroom playground with its big bucks for every time the State is hit with their human “rights”, Christian-silencing agenda. Oh, and did I mention the funding of the United Nations and its likeness to feeding the lion before it kills us?

Yet every year, come April 15th, the Big Guns come knocking at my door to make sure we have paid up. John Keep-me-on-my-toes Pettigrew suggested that corporate taking and government taking are equal in a previous comment. Corporations do not use law enforcement to get what they want. Uh huh, we can vote out those nasty politicians and the alternative will likely be as bad or worse. While I am sitting here shaking my head in dismay at how we have gone this far from George Washington, Samuel Rutherford, and God’s Law, elaborated on so keenly by John Calvin and Martin Luther (among many arising out of the Reformation), I am even more aghast that so many of my fellow citizens don’t understand the horror of my second paragraph and are still shaking in their shoes about the first!

I have been rambling for days, on paper, as I search Calvin’s Institutes, Francis Schaeffer, and my Bible for some profound quote and backup for my worldview. The thoughts are random and never quite clear and concise enough. Oh, there is plenty to go on but I feel most inadequate, hardly an authority. Truly, it feels as if I am coming up against Satan himself. I have not gotten to the typing stage, much less “Publish Post”!

Might I ask for prayer from you as I seek God’s will? Thank you.

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