Sunday, March 19, 2006


Thoughts From Generation Y

"Evolutionist Christians might as well believe in Hitler’s Nazi State." Both objects of faith are ultimately men. People who make God into whomever they want—mold Him to fit their pre-conceived notions as in, “My God wouldn’t do that!” are humanists. Hitler could make up the rules as he went along as do evolutionist Christians. They force God into a box called naturalism or science. Their statement of faith would go something like, “Science has proven adaptation, natural selection, mutation and the carbon dating support of a billion year old planet earth. Therefore, that is how God did it! God used natural processes which of course, He created!” The invaluable question arises in my eldest son’s mind, “What is the point in believing in God?” Nature is your God. Science is your mode of worship. No? Then why is it you disregard all those kooky stories of any grand proportion and categorize them as myth? Or explain them in scientific terms. What if natural phenomenon went out the window? What if God is bigger than science? What if the Bible means exactly what it says? But okay, let’s just stay within the parameters of science. The second Law of Thermodynamics? Entropy. Does data show decline or is Earth’s evolving toward Utopia the overriding observation? I’ve never figured how the two can both be true and since one is law and one ain’t,…well, that’s about all my poor artistic brain can handle! One convenient answer I have received, the way I understand it, “We are evolving but not necessarily for the better!” That would fit reality if the sentence were not self-contradicting. Evolution as defined in the Webster’s New World Dictionary: Second College Edition, “an unfolding, opening out, or working out; process of development, as from a simple to a complex form, or of gradual, progressive change…” Also, evolution in Biology, “the development (as opposed to degeneration) of a species, organism, or organ from its original or primitive state to its present or specialized state.” Evolution theory claims the power of progress. The root evolve [evolvere in Latin, to roll out or forth] is a forward motion, NOT backward. If Christian evolutionists wish to redefine words rather than use different words, another new dictionary will be in order…isn’t that how it’s done? Revise, rewrite, lie to preserve your truth.

So it would seem we have created a pointless religion. Not completely pointless. Humans have found a way to make themselves feel better. Therapeutic Christianity: God loves you; He forgives you; He listens and he understands. He wants us to all love each other and be one big happy world! Peace! With God and evolution on your side…you are on your way! To quote our eldest again, “That’s easy to believe. Wish it were that easy…anybody could believe!” You know, like clapping for Tinkerbell. No demands, like serve Him; no strings, like obey Him; no wrath, like judgment; no stumbling blocks, like Christ, the One Way to the Father…and naturally, no supernatural feats cause “My God wouldn’t, couldn't, shouldn't DO THAT!” Or is it that you wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't BELIEVE THAT?"

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