Sunday, April 09, 2006


Come, Let Us Reason Together

Is God such an unreasonable authority? Or is it mankind that moves beyond reason? I heard a snippet of Michael Newdow debating from his atheist point of view in “The Great Debate: Atheism/Christianity” sponsored by Church Communication Network, Inc. He was arguing that morality (law) is common sense. We learn not to kill each other because “someone will kill you”, as in, get even. The premise is amazingly inept even among reasonable men…God was no doubt laughing (or crying). Tell that to the Waodani tribe of End of the Spear fame or the rising number of youth street gangs. They know beyond reasonable doubt that revenge is the name of the game in rivalry. They even know extinction is not out of the question as they kill each other at astonishing rates. Reason cannot alone stop them. God alone can and does. There is a supernatural event which no one sees, Christians aren’t very good at explaining, and so few understand.

The stories never make the headlines and when End of the Spear made it into theatres across the country, the hordes stayed home. Dr. Kennedy calls this supernatural event “imputation” (he speaks King James-ese). Christ’s Righteousness, imputed onto Christians who have committed to a new life in Him. Old habits die hard and there are ugly Christians everywhere crawling the earth, but supernatural changes are not unheard of in Christian circles. Christians love to tell their story. Unfortunately there are few platforms for public sharing. Truth of the matter is, most Christians don’t even get to give their testimony in church! Maybe Bible studies groups. Crazy, ain’t it? But for a fact, some astounding turnabouts have been written down and published.

Those who have been imputed, or regenerated, are perfect on an unseen spiritual level but that change should not go unnoticed in this life. A true Christian’s choices, attitudes, and actions are beyond reason, beyond the world’s natural, common sense. The human condition and Satan’s various techniques can guarantee Dr. Newdow’s rationale for man’s goodness has glitches. Our eyes and ears see and hear the glitches everyday. Men will never reason their way to utopia or anything close. Living hell is more like it. This is not just a misconception of atheists. The idea that man is innately good is EVERYWHERE believed and taught.

God has offered the reasonable answer to man’s spiral of confusion. Why DO we need God’s laws? Oh, I don’t doubt we could figure out a few do’s and don’ts on our own. We are made in His image after all so we create and reason similarly! We also put selfish gain and revenge, pride and fear ahead of fairness, goodness, justice, love and self-control! It is NOT only that we need God’s Law; we are nothing without the spirit by which, with which the law is given: Perfect Love. To understand and obey God’s commands is the ultimate goal! We can’t do that! We can hope for the desire, have patience in the failures, trust God for victory through us. Human knowledge is folly without the reasoning and wisdom God bestows upon the faithful, supernaturally. --Amen.

Isaiah 29:14—“Therefore, once more I will astound those people with wonder upon wonder; the wisdom of the wise will perish; the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish.”
“The Lord is the strength of His people, a fortress of salvation for His anointed one. Save Your people and bless Your inheritance; be their Shepherd and carry them forever.”
~Psalm 28:8-9

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