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God Lives Here Now

Not to dwell on the negatives as I continue the focus in on contemporary Christianity but I have a confession. The outstanding, outlandishly different, sacrificial Christian is a rare bird, at least in these parts, nearly extinct. I would love to tell you I’m such a bird but, well, I can’t…without lying. Convicted, I’m changing real slow like. But my feet are not there yet. My mouth, my hands, my to-do list are feeble. This involves a strict scriptural diet while I work at surrendering my actions to Christ. What I am trying to say is, the salt of the 21st century is trying to play catch-up and many are using too much salt in the attempt! Moral decay, held at bay in centuries past by Christian salt, got the edge in the 20th century. The organized church did so very little. Nominal Christians in effect had become uneducated in the Word, thus unholy and disconnected, impotent in both the God connection and world involvement. The confession came first so that no one would misconstrue this as finger pointing.

Evangelicals are now in a frantic hyper-mode. The Light is so dimmed; nary a person can see to read their Bible with the exception of those whiz-by types that quote the text like high-speed internet on an outdated computer. It is too much, too soon. Christians are often bright and cheery! The question we must all ask, “Does it illuminate God’s Truth and shine compassion into dark places of hopelessness and despair? Does it draw people toward their Savior?” (Strobel, Lee; God’s Outrageous Claims; p. 72)

I have a friend who seeks for God. She hasn’t found the God in Genesis to Revelation but she knows I hold back and says she appreciates it. This is when God is needed as the light and sound Man. There is no way to know how much spotlight or dimming you need when you’re on stage. It is a humbling realization…if we Christians ARE God’s revelation in these difficult days…I mean, if we are IT, had we better not begin right now to grasp this responsibility as most serious, most holy. It is encouraging, indeed, to hear the comments from friends affirming this.

El-Shaddai, our Almighty God, has spoken. He has raised from death His only Son. Is this true? Then who needs any more grandstanding than that? God sent the Holy Spirit to indwell the body of Christ, the Church—the real, True Church. God lives here now! God’s prophecies have ended…He gave us the Plan from start ot finish. What else do we need to know? Is He Real, concrete, and Alive—in this precious hour of life? Only as real and alive as you and me, Christian. Pray for Anonymous who wants supernatural proof of God. Don’t we all? And let us be concrete. How are you representing Christ this day to make Him a supernatural presence? “God chooses to be a power-sharing God” (Strobel; p. 89) when we choose to climb the mountain, looking up and reaching for the next crag…hoping to touch His Hand with our grasp. Sometimes we do.

Obedience is crucial to power-sharing. When I take on God’s will, every time, I feel His approval and know He is holding me up. Now some would say that is in my head, not real. But His Voice, messages in nature, in coincidences, in His teaching and profound wisdom when it overlaps miraculously. These affirmations and clarifications are because He wants me to be like Him. The wisdom ain’t mine, to be sure! He shows me I’m on the right track. It happens when I am obedient. Christian friends have shared this serendipity experience. Many leaders/authors speak of it. I read a lot of encouraging books, of which there are thousands. It is not an always thing and that could be me. But as the remnant, seeking God’s will, bursts out of the shadows of an ailing church, let the miracles begin. And please, dear God, let Your lost lonely lambs see. Our Shepherd Lives.

Next time, Standing in the Gap, a ministry just for these.

Amen, just amen!
The missing element in every human 'solution' is
an accurate definition of the creature.

The way we define 'human' determines our view
of self, others, relationships, institutions, life, and
future. Important? Only the Creator who made us
in His own image is qualified to define us accurately.
Choose wisely...there are results.

Many problems in human experience are the result of
false and inaccurate definitions of humankind premised
in man-made religions and humanistic philosophies.

Each individual human being possesses a unique, highly
developed, and sensitive perception of diversity. Thus
aware, man is endowed with a natural capability for enact-
ing internal mental and external physical selectivity.
Quantitative and qualitative choice-making thus lends
itself as the superior basis of an active intelligence.

Human is earth's Choicemaker. His title describes
his definitive and typifying characteristic. Recall
that his other features are but vehicles of experi-
ence intent on the development of perceptive
awareness and the following acts of decision and
choice. Note that the products of man cannot define
him for they are the fruit of the discerning choice-
making process and include the cognition of self,
the utility of experience, the development of value-
measuring systems and language, and the accultur-
ation of civilization.

The arts and the sciences of man, as with his habits,
customs, and traditions, are the creative harvest of
his perceptive and selective powers. Creativity, the
creative process, is a choice-making process. His
articles, constructs, and commodities, however
marvelous to behold, deserve neither awe nor idol-
atry, for man, not his contrivance, is earth's own
highest expression of the creative process.

Human is earth's Choicemaker. The sublime and
significant act of choosing is, itself, the Archimedean
fulcrum upon which man levers and redirects the
forces of cause and effect to an elected level of qual-
ity and diversity. Further, it orients him toward a
natural environmental opportunity, freedom, and
bestows earth's title, The Choicemaker, on his
singular and plural brow.

Human is earth's Choicemaker. Psalm 25:12 He is by
nature and nature's God a creature of Choice - and of
Criteria. Psalm 119:30,173 His unique and definitive
characteristic is, and of Right ought to be, the natural
foundation of his environments, institutions, and re-
spectful relations to his fellow-man. Thus, he is orien-
ted to a Freedom whose roots are in the Order of the

Let us proclaim it. Behold!
The Season of Generation-Choicemaker Joel 3:14 KJV

Hi James, Your comments are always welcome. WE ARE IN GOD'S IMAGE CREATED! Tis true. Have you figured where God's Sovereignty is in all of Man's choosing and creating? "So that no man can boast?"
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