Thursday, May 25, 2006


It Was a Clique

Think of your worst-case scenario of the disconnected Christian. Not, mind you, the super-spiritual, head-in-the-clouds-with-God type. This was more like heads in the sand. We’re talking two solid hours of mission trips speak at the Bible study group gathering we attended. There was practically no eye contact with my husband and I, the newbies. And none of this chatter shared spiritual victories! I could’ve dug that. Logistics jokes, how sick they were, the material experiences of the Third World. Airport checks and scary flights…how the poorest poor came out for the food offered (well, duh), and nothing about whether they received anything else.

When I asked if anyone watched Lost, had seen End of the Spear, United 93, or even if they had been to the new Christian coffeehouse in town, the replies were unanimously “no” and the subject quickly reverted back to their underground endeavors. Aliens—they may not be of the world, (and I’m not so sure they aren’t), but for certain, they aren’t in it either. To be in their world, you’ve gotta check out Haiti or Chile, I guess. Hope they’re enjoying it cause there is a good chance their support system, America, won’t be here to come back to, that is if we continue on our steady plunge toward ruination, thank you very much to the absentee church and high-minded Christian.

Is it no wonder that the Church is dead and the culture IS dying? I know I need to give it to God but I was hoping for a listening ear here too. Hubby and I are quiet types so we are accustomed to being invisible…now I feel obsolete. (Silently crying)

BTW, anybody ever read Bait of Satan, John Bevere? That is the study material, the gospel of forgiveness. It appears to be a one-sided slant on Truth. God forgives and we are to forgive. Missing from today’s teaching…God judges and we are to judge. I am convinced this judgment and rebuking is to be contained within the church. Do not tell me I can’t be angry as a Christian! If God didn’t judge sins, we wouldn’t need His forgiveness! If we fail to discern sin using God’s Word to rebuke, correct, and train, then forgiveness is a mute point. We would NEVER be offended! All I’m saying is, a Christian life requires passing judgment, or as a Christian, I would then have nothing to forgive.

(((((hugs to you))))) THAT is what I hate about the "church" today... it's just one big gigantic social club where people talk about all their good deeds and sip coffee out of Purpose Driven Starbucks cups.
Hugs right back! "Purpose Driven Starbucks cups", perfect. Here's to laughing out loud. If we don't laugh, we cry. Thank you Jez. I needed that!
I too am not sure what to make of the "Church" today. Fortunately for me I have some Christian friends who, while they seriously love God, are also REAL PEOPLE.

Thanks for your concerns about my workload. Four weeks now averaging 80 hours, but that is not so bad. It looks like about three more weeks left to the crunch is over.

Grace and peace.
God love you, William. My prayers go with you for God's sustaining and some quality relaxation time. Amen.
YOU ARE NOT OBSOLETE! Your dissatisfaction with the American church will be what saves it. There are others like you... you just have to be aware... and not be afraid of throwing out your views to people... you will be misunderstood by many, many, people. The American Church as we know it is dying (perhaps it's already dead and we don't know it), but you and others like you will be the guerrila warriors who will rescue the church from itself and presevere the real work of Christ.

I'm from Pittsburgh too! way to go.
thank you, dk! Happy to meet a fellow Pittsburgher! Are you a warrior too? You sound like one. I so much appreciate your encouraging words. God will save His Bride.
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