Monday, May 22, 2006


When I Say...

My son laid it on the line in our discussion of The DaVinci Code; he believed I am taking it too seriously (as in, getting all worked up!). I don't expect him to see the crumbling world through my older and somewhat wiser eyes but one thing he said rings painfully true. People hate Christians. With the teen caricature term, everybody, he punctuated his point: ...thinks Christians are crazy! So, I googled the poem someone read at my Bible study. Presenting "When I Say I Am a Christian"

People hate Christians? Over 80% of Americans self-identify as Christian when asked. That's a lot of self-loathing, apparently.

I only hate overbearing neb-nosed Christians who want to enforce their religion on everyone else. Not one of those Christians? Then you're good to go.
I don't "shove" my religion on other people, but I sure make them aware that they're not to talk crap about my faith.

Yes people hate Christians. And that's good. Christ didn't send us to make friends with the world, but to lead them to the Saviour.
I hear ya. I'm thinking we don't have to be quite so offensive sometimes. We're fighting a little too hard maybe because we have become the underdogs. The PC crowd like ACLU, academia, MSM, and our friends, the Democrats, have been pushing Christianity under the rug for decades. That 80% stat includes the Christian-Left who absolutely do despise true Christianity. Self-loathing? NO, wrong self-identity. A Christian is one who believes in God's absolute Truth. Followers of Christ CANNOT call the Father a liar because as soon as they do, they are no longer following Christ.
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