Sunday, May 21, 2006


Wonderful, Counselor

I have been known to harp on therapeutic Christianity but I am not dismissing God’s comfort and grace. His love is crucial to our faith and that is a glaring understatement! The needed balance, as we rant and rave on our soapboxes about the demise of our culture and a sin-sick Church, is probably why God sent us the Eldredges. And recently, He plunked Captivating into my lap, on sale! “Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul” goes the subtitle. Don’t click yet, men! You all have been far too long, clueless. Truthfully, so have I. I honestly hate what women have become! I have two sons who are experiencing an affront to their masculinity by forceful, domineering, at times, downright mean females. You all know the term I am dancing around and am too polite to say. So don’t get me wrong…I’m about as far from feminist as you get. But my experience as a woman is one of complete confusion and even shame.

As Stasi writes, sometimes I feel I am not enough and the rest of the time, I feel like “too much”. When I try to keep the standard raised and it’s like I have three sons rather than two (Sorry, Hon), I want to be less warrior because I am getting dangerously close to that b---- word. But ask me if I have been a good wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, person, I will curl up into cocoon formation and want to die. The perceptive, charitable, calm and in control, happy-homemaker—not here.

Oh yeah, I need some good old-fashioned therapy, like 99% of the female population. (You guys could use some help too, eh?) Five years of secular counseling was a bomb; give me some Eldredge. I’ll keep you posted.

I SOOOOO know the feeling. The last thing I want to become is my husband's mother, and my son's drill sargeant. I guess that's my hope in finding a mentor... to have someone say "Y'know, hun, you're wrong and you need to go apologize to your hubby." or "We've all done that, this is what I do to take care of it..."

Secular counselling will never get you where you need to be because it focuses on YOU rather than on God. I'll be prayin.
Hey there!

I can relate to what you gals are talking about. Not from first hand (or even second hand) experience, but from the point of view of needing help. Needing another human being's help. I have found both counselling and group work to help immensely, and what it boils down to was the ability to process what is happening inside, and around, me. I find that having the privilege of someone listening to me process the events from a non-judgmental, non-personal (as in no vested interest) point of view helps me to see where I am and how I relate to God, and to others. Blogging about it helps immensely too!

Thank you and prayers for you both too. I am excited (and a bit wary) about this book. Excited because, as the bloke said, we so need to be heard and understood. Wary of being affirmed of the wrong things, as Jezreel said. That was the problem with secular...there were NO slaps on the hand. My husband doesn't correct me either, so yeah, a mentor would be the thing. I sincerely pray you find one Jez.
Thank you :)
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