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Nehemiah cried out to God in full-blown surrender; remember Your Promise to Your people, the Promise to bring the Hebrews to the place God had chosen to set His Name…the Promised Land. Nehemiah led the people in rebuilding Jerusalem’s wall, standing ready to fight invaders, working nonstop in shifts. God was merciful then and He will be again.

When will God pour out Himself again on His Chosen? The preservation of Israel, the people, is the miraculous proof of God’s Word as Truth and reliability. Scattered over and over, persecuted, with the most horrendous annihilation attempt on one group in all world history, the nation of Jews has never dissolved, been absorbed, or crushed. God has kept His end of the bargain and He’s waiting to bring the whole mess to completion, a glorious future promised for the Jews, to which Christian gentiles have been grafted. What is our end of the bargain, or covenant? To be the faithful remnant who seeks, finds and believes, who gives the lessons of God’s history and moral judgment to their sons and their sons’ sons. To build the wall of protection around His Holy Word, ready to fight invasions of lies and distortions, working nonstop, day and night, to fortify and City as we prayerfully surrender our services to the King who is coming.

It wouldn’t be proper to finish this page without a rebuke on the religious left which grossly distorts the Christian faith by cruelly protesting the war at military funerals. And for the Church to hold back correction, as it worships peace and church unity ahead of the Truth, is to work against the wall builders by compromising God’s Law, which is to be kept intact as a fortifying power, the Bride’s protection and defense from impurities. Christ, the sure foundation, said, “If you love Me, you will obey.”

“The joy (satisfaction) of the Lord is our strength.”
~Nehemiah 8:10

“Seek ye the Lord while He may be found, call ye upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon.” ~Isaiah 55:6,7

Yes, the Law has condemned us, It can not save us and we cannot be pardoned through impossible perfect obedience. But be sure of this. Jesus fulfilled the Law so that only by the Lamb are we abundantly pardoned. Despite His pardoning, God’s Law abides. How do we please Him and bring joy to the Lord?
By seeking His will. What is God’s will? His Law.

Peace and unity are not God’s unqualified commands. There will be no peace, no unity, even in the church, before the return of the King when the Chosen will be fully sanctified, perfected in His glory. Every time a church leader bends the Word for the sake of appeasing the world, another brick is torn from Jerusalem's wall.

My name is Jacob Jenkins and I am currently doing a "virtual book tour".
I've stopped at this blogsite because I have recently written a book on Christian spirituality, and it appears that many of you might be interested in joining the national discussion it has begun.

The book is entitled:
"Buried Alive - A Discussion on Overcoming the 'Seven Lifeless Sins'".

Its premise is that most of Christians are not evil.
Must of us don't have 12 mistresses. We aren't serial killers.
Rather, it is the the sly and subtle sins of life - sins like fundamentalism and materialism and comfort and busyness - that keep us from the life we were intended.

By referencing over 2600 Scripture verses "Buried Alive" discusses how each of us can overcome the hidden dangers of lifeless living.

"Fresh, bold and convicting." - Jason Pollack,
Project Coordinator, Soderquist Center for Leadership & Ethics

"...will shake you out of a business-as-usual faith walk. A must read." - Ivan Max Dunn,
Retired US Navy Captain

"Buried Alive: A Discussion on Overcoming the Seven Lifeless Sins" is available now at and

Come join the discussion!

(Upon reading the book I would love to hear your personal feedback. You can reach me at:
I have an idea, Jenkins, if you want her feedback, offer her a free book. Best way to get good feedback.
What a great idea, Jez! It sounds like a worthwhile read. There are Christian book review sources which do that very thing. Bloggers review books which are provided by the publishers. Can't remember their exact names but a good google search won't let you down!
I'm part of a Christian book review service - we're booked up (no pun intended) for the rest of the year though.

I love books. :)
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