Sunday, July 09, 2006


At Least Magenta!

A letter from the local PCUSA pastor, proclaiming pride in the sweet unity of a diverse church, might be all the nudge we needed to "shake the dust from our feet". (We haven’t attended in years.) The logic of the letter? You take the red states–blue states polarity, stir it up with the ridiculous "Peace, Unity, and Purity" statement emitted from the recent General Assembly in Birmingham, and you get "purple". The report releases desiring presbyteries (ordaining bodies) from obedience to the church constitution concerning the usual biblically non-debatable issues. Keep in mind, consequences of disobedience against God were not discussed! But, sigh, this pastor of the above letter fame laments how no one notices, in all the disdain, how middle of the road, peace lovin’ churches everywhere just keep on doin’ their thing: "worshipping, loving our neighbors, growing in Christian faith"! Somehow I think he believes this is a good thing.

Thus, all the happy little purple churches get together Sunday Mornings, all over the sleepy countryside, bringing contrasting political and cultural views to the cross. I would not have a problem if these views were being hit head on by biblically pure teaching as the "blues" walk through the door! Te purpleness should lose some of its blue hues as the congregation "grows in the faith". Examples from the letter:

"We have very different opinions on these issues" (end quote) except these issues are not matters of opinion.

"The same person who supports the Iraq war also loves their lesbian daughter."
Of course they love her! Christians don’t hate the gays! They don’t hate sinners! Saying God’s law is against homosexuality and sin in general, as stated in the Word of God, is a question of pleasing God and submitting to His will, not bigotry. Let’s hope the daughter is in a Spirit-filled, obedient church with her parents or wherever she lives!

"The one who opposes abortion also opposes capital punishment"
The fact is, God also opposes abortion but came up with capital punishment Himself! He sanctified human life and there is a price for taking it away.
"God is not a Republican, or a Democrat."
No, He is God! Isn’t it high time we release our diverse opinions and come together in humble submission to God’s plan? FYI, the Republican party platform comes much closer to God’s plumb line. Democrat spokespersons and their blue opinions are reeking with humanism, built on sand.

This is a prime example of what this blog has been about in recent days. Pastors, lead your flocks with God’s Truth. You’ll see a color change. God is faithful toward those who obey without wavering. The goal is holiness, because we love Him. The goal is worship with a pure heart. Worship, love, and peace are not above the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. God has set forth His message of love and righteousness. He shoots straight from the hip–-church leaders, take note, and follow.
If you don’t think He means it, do Him a favor,...leave.

"Expel the wicked from among you." ~1 Corinthians 5:13

Dr. D. James Kennedy is boldly seeking prayers on this month’s request from his prayer calendar, Pray For America. Please pray fervently for "moral leadership from pastors willing to speak out with courage and biblical clarity on the moral issues facing America." ~Amen.

And while you're praying for moral pastoring for America, pray for Australia too
i just left a church where the pastor's wife reads harry potter and i was laughed at for criticizing the simpsons and commenting that i don't form my world view through the eyes of homer simpson and ned flanders
reading your post i feel the pure white fire of the Holy Spirit...oh, how we need the prophetic voice in the church today to galvanize us and guide us as
anonymous above was me...couldn't log in for some reason
Thank you Lee for your words of encouragement. I will be sure to pray for the Church everywhere, especially Australia. Right now, I pray for your strength and direction in where to turn next. We have been outside the institutional church for years and we are so very grateful for His protection and teaching we have received inspite of it all! May God preserve and grow your faith and your loved ones' as well. Amen.
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