Sunday, July 30, 2006


Blood and Bait

Captivating, the book, was put on the back-burner while we were involved in the couples’ study group, The Bait of Satan and my summer women’s study on contentment. Do you think God had something for me to learn since I chose neither topic? Truthfully, I saw no connection between the two until I was deep into it. The bait John Bevere addresses is unforgiveness, anger, bitterness...holding onto offenses. The gist...let God deal with the issues; pray without ceasing! Let me tell you, I fought it tooth and nail! Yea, you pray but Christians can’t JUST sit around, talking to God. We must be in the world! God brilliantly resolved it for my husband and I by sending us to church a few Sundays ago. We received teaching which I must share soon. But wouldn’t you know, Contentment, from the Women of Faith series, has me buttoning up when complaining surfaces. "Complain up!", we all agree, is the teaching that has stuck. Sound familiar? Overlapping with "give it to God", let go of the frustration, release your offenses to the Father, I truthfully did not see it coming. God was handing me a double whammy!
My sincere question..."How does one balance the two realms of our existence?" Neither author brought balance to their subject. The spiritual battle is raging. We pray it through but then, as in my life, your super-sensitive, strong-willed, intelligent yet highly illogical son is proceeding with the reckless abandon of youth in a dangerous course, possibly endangering the lives of his friends and his own. The earthly fight ensues. (Remember, prayers are being uttered.) Trusting God might have been in focus this morning but now I’ve got to engage, sword in hand! When the dust settles, I am wounded and bleeding; I won, I think. Yet our relationship feels rent! Bait of Satan, eh? Okay, so it has a name! I pray some more...and the whole scene repeats a week or so later. Motherhood in the 21st century. Sigh.
So, as the Eldredges’ Captivating carries me through, I gain understanding. Woman, in the image of God, reveals His love of relationship. I sorely miss relationship with my sons, who are at "that age" when Mom and Dad are not where it’s at. The pain teaches me, God hurts. He feels betrayed and jealous when He’s our low priority. Lonely and sad are in the range of emotions too. He so wants His children to talk to Him. "I love you Dad. Let’s have dinner!"
Jesus explained it this way. "Behold! I stand a the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with Me." ~Revelation 3:20

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