Friday, July 28, 2006


Christianity, the Newbie?

I’m getting comments on the ridiculousness of this claim, Christianity is Jewish! Was Christianity born two thousand years ago, with the birth of Jesus Christ? Not at all. The story of Jesus’ appearance on earth is minimized by the notion. All of a sudden, without Old Testament roots, Jesus does look like another prophet...a brilliant teacher even. But Mrs. Schaeffer, author of Christianity Is Jewish, re-emphasizes her point. "[Christianity] is a fulfillment. It is a next step. It is the proof that the covenant with Abraham was true. It is Jewish." (Page 121) The woman’s seed that would bruise the head of the serpent, the first gospel of the Word found in Genesis, 3:15, was the seed of Mary. The Jewish testament continues throughout to point to the Promise, as much of this blog has accounted. It is not that the Christian true believer has denied the Promise and prophecy of old—though few regard its importance. Christians have always embraced the Old Testament! The fact is, the Jew who denies the divinity of Christ has not seen and heard HOW Jesus fulfilled nearly one hundred of the Messianic signs in His brief life here! Therefore, do not be confused. The Jewish faithful are in no way Christian until New Testament truth is revealed to them and they believe. Obviously, there are two separate "religions". This does not make Christianity any less Jewish.

"There shall be a root of Jesse and He shall rise to reign over the Gentiles; in Him shall the Gentiles trust." ~Isaiah 11:10

A true believer dwells on ALL of God’s Holy Word. The faithful who accept the New Covenant, with the God of the Old Covenant, will relish in the Torah and worship songs known as the Psalms, the history and foretelling of the life of Israel...because Jesus is there in the Ancient writings. Did Mary seen Him in her Hebrew heritage and writings or was her acceptance of her plight simply one of blind faith? Thanks be to God for Mary’s decision to believe, "Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it unto me according to thy Word," was Mary’s humble submission to DO God’s will.

"It is a next step. It is the proof that the covenant with Abraham was true. It is Jewish."

Historically Abraham was not a Jew.There was no such thing as Jews, or being "Jewish", until Jacob had 12 sons, called the Sons of Israel. In fact there was no such thing, until the children of Israel actually lived in Judea, and thus became known as Judeans. From which we get the word Jew, and Jewish.

Abraham was not a Jew, but a Gentile, and Abraham is also the father of the Arabs, who are Gentiles.
Actually, Jew comes from the Jewish word "Yehudah" which means "lover of God". It matters not when the word came about - Abraham loved God so much, he was willing to give up his son for Him. The faith that Abraham has is the faith that is now part of the Christian faith, because it is a continuance of it. Read Hebrews.
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