Thursday, July 06, 2006


Jonah's Dark Side

Taking a twist here, the story reveals Jonah’s dark side again. What faith he has...but hath not love. The expected three days journey through the city, warning their demise in forty days, was met on the first day with "sackcloth and ashes" from the people and a decree from the king for fasting and humble repentance! God changed the future for Nineveh, and forgave them.

Picture it! Jonah’s mad cause God relented from letting justice wail on these ugly specimens of human beings. See what I mean about fearing that I slip in te public eye? Truth is, I get really upset with liberals and the harm they are doing to my country, my family, my sons (i.e. court rulings in favor of ACLU’s silencing of God and Christians, anti-war influences in a treasonous media, anti-America white-guilt teaching in schools and universities, to name a sample of irritations)! I can totally relate to Jonah’s response! Okay, now you know!
So I have to check my motives at all times. Do I want the Left saved, changed? Usually. But anger and frustration give way to more of a "BE GONE!" times. Well, even God has His limits. He has spoken about the end of this age when He who has the power and authority will pronounce Judgment. In the meantime, who am I? As God said to Jonah, "You can’t even tolerate the withering of this gourd vine but you wanted Me to crush these ignorant Ninevens without a second chance!"

The same sensitivity that makes me a good Samaritan one day makes me, on another day, cry for God’s justice on the enemy in the culture war worldwide, because of what they are doing against future generations. Lies, propaganda, stealing of their inalienable rights in tyrannical power grabs, disregard for their safety, and broadly speaking, an utter disdain for Freedom! God, why do You let them continue? Hear our prayers.
Motive check...Jonah’s concern for self-preservation–"Save the gourd!"–OR preservation and expanding of God’s Kingdom. Teach them Your way, oh Lord–show them Your Truth.
...Let us do it with love.

"So shall My Word be that goeth forth out of My mouth; it shall not return to Me void; but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." ~Isaiah 55:11

God knows something we can’t know. Because we are being sent, like Jonah, to warn of God’s restrained wrath (We don’t know that it might be only forty more days!), perhaps God sees prepared hearts, ready to hear, in Nineveh.

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