Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Mary's Story

The most powerful moment in human history, when the earth was literally turned around and upside down, cannot be overstated. (I am quite sure I am understating it–the words just aren’t there!) Don’t be confused by the word "literally". Many, many god-seekers have squished God into the physical, natural compartment of science. As far as we know, the physical planet did not do anything weirdly drastic when Jesus arrived. (On the other hand, Jesus’ death did bring about some strange physical events!) No, I mean to say, the turning "around and upside down" was in the unseen history of the spiritual, supernatural world. It directly affects human affairs, even though there are few who pay attention. The earth prior to Jesus’ coming was moving in a death spiral, a rebellious people, incapable of keeping to the Law received from God. From Eden to the Ark, from the Exodus from Egypt to Babylon, from Jerusalem’s revival to the heartless, godless Pharisees, no matter how God’s hand swept down to save His dear children, Satan had the victory.

This downward spin was "literally" reversed when God finally brought His promise to fruition! He was about to stomp on the head of the serpent (Genesis 3:15), bringing on the virgin birth of His beautiful Baby Boy. People, and I’m talking about supposed believers, can’t cope with the virgin birth. Those same ones who attempt to naturalize God and all He has done, whittle away at Mary’s miracle. She knew more so than Joseph, who probably had that nagging twinge of doubt attacking him in his weaker moments of faith. After all, his belief hung on a dream and Mary’s word...Jesus couldn’t talk yet! Mary was alone in her pure knowledge. God gave her an understanding friend in Elizabeth for by the Spirit, Elizabeth proclaimed Mary’s Truth out loud, for Mary’s sake. And for ours.

God confirms His actions for us. Jesus’ spectacular conception was a sign from God. Isaiah saw it, and wrote it down (7:14): "Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign; Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel."

God is supernatural. Why wouldn’t His Son be given supernaturally? My sons (and their father) love the supernatural whatever...Underworld, Matrix, Star Wars, Superman–you-name-it super-hero, from Merlin to Gandalf, and of course, the supernatural occurrences in Lost are by far the BEST! They are not alone in their fascination! I suppose it is socially acceptable as long as you don’t start pressing these creations of men onto reality. It’s all in fun, right? But maybe our God-given creativity reflects God’s reality. God’s supernatural reality! So few of us have caught a real glimpse of any world but this one. We have all had the pleasure of seeing another realm through creative arts and literature, God’s gifts.

When the faithful say, "The supernatural exists and happens, really", the response is more often than not, "Impossible!" Mrs. Schaeffer emphasizes the believer’s dichotomy if he actually sees Jesus for who He is, God the Son, come down as truly Man for the redemption (upward spiral) of earth and yet reduced the speciality of the Christmas story. She states, "He [Messiah] had to have a different birth; anything else would be impossible rather than the virgin birth being impossible." (P 118) Because of the prophecies, the very specific promises of signs for the Jews to watch for–the Messiah born to a woman who would be from the line of Abraham, Jesse, David, Solomon–this virgin girl was a clear sign for the believing Jew. She was "expected", anticipated by the generations prior to the event. To be fair, God did not blind-side them. Preparedness was VITAL. More on paving the way for God’s own Son to follow.

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