Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The Split In Time

The birth of a child is indescribably amazing. Where there was no one, a life is begun. Yet the human experience is but an inkling of the wonderment, the celebration of all creation in heaven and earth, the sheer presence of God’s glory born in a place, at one stunning moment...the birth of a real man, Jesus Christ. Time didn’t stop! Thunder didn’t roll! Not even a firework. Only two groups of men saw anything at all! A star. And a host of angels opening up the dark sky on a hillside. But that doesn’t mean nothing happened. Earth was changed forever, right then and there. Most would say it’s man’s doing that our record of history is split in two. If so, the decision was surely ordained by God in heaven. Mrs. Schaeffer describes a believer’s response as "breathless awe"! The division, sharply slicing time, began one very quiet night.

How was life on earth changed? The Promise had arrived, the Lord of all. Maybe some have not grasped the idea of Lordship. Jesus is a king. Even those who hate Him, hate His Kingdom, hate His family we call Christians, possibly don’t realize exactly why they hate. Jesus, by the virtue of His Name, requires exaltation, submission, humble servitude. People, pride-filled, self-sufficient, independent people, strongly resist His rulership, His laws, and sadly miss out on His perfect love and mercy. So earth had a new King! "The Word was with God, and the Word was God." The year 0, He was here, with us. Hallelujah!

Amazing love, how could it be? (I have the Newsboys on! "...that my King should die for me") Was Jesus here to take His throne? Well then, where is it? Where is He? ...He waits beside His Father; He is waiting for His followers to make His enemies His footstool (Hebrews 1:13)...ruling in the hearts of men. We are at war for the King. The primary lesson here is, we could not fight at all without the second reason for Christ’s precious birth. Born to die, Jesus’ death and sweet victory over death, sin, and the curse upon the earth...His Name,--the blood of the Lamb–set us free! Free from the debts held against US, ALL OF HUMANITY, "for the wages of sin is death." Free from Satan’s power over us. Jesus took back the keys to the kingdom! Do you realize that if a baby could make a decision to follow Jesus and formed no bad habits, he could very well be free from the slavery of sin as an adult? We are not held in bondage to sin, but as Jerry Bridges explains in Pursuit of Holiness, old habits and desires die hard.

This freedom is what redeemed means! Release from the grip of earth’s fall and curse. Sin has no power where Jesus resides. This is the Promise, the dear Word of God, come here for our Defense, our Refuge, our Joy, our Glory and Strength! He is Mighty and Able. This is why we are empowered to fight the good fight.

"Love covers a multitude of sins." Our Lord covers us so that we might cover each other. We are redeemed. Believe it. Live it. Reveal His awesome Glory so that we might not forget that the earth was changed in Bethlehem.

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Mine is jesusis (at) mts (dot) net...
...hi, cmv warrior...i'm lee g. (nickname) who commented on your last blog, actually my name's dee..i've been to your link site 'hang right' and i loved it....i actually cut and pasted the hanson article about anti-semitism on message boards where i've been blogging as k_dgraf...if you want to add anything to my comments, feel free...i can use all the support i can get...i warn you there is some venomous anti-americanism and anti-israeliism there...i'm half american mother is an american pastor (retired now) and my dad's husband is american and we live here in sounds strange but i feel that part of my calling is going to those message boards and other internet blogsites and stand up for truth...kind of like the old standing on the street corner having rotten tomatoes pelted at you...anyway, here's the link if you're interested:
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