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A World View Christian

If people in the United States must govern themselves and their country (which are the conditions of a free republic), then they are not allowed to be spectators or worse, hermits. Citizens need to have knowledge of our Constitution, our history, and to some extent, law. Why? Because our lawmakers, our judges, our teachers and politicians are our servants. This vision is rapidly eroding. Americans do nothing but passively complain of their oppression. It is not a government BY THE PEOPLE when the people are dumbed down and asleep. Yet the Church does nothing. Wait, what does the church have to do with anything? Thus asks the church-state separatist and alarmist! The Christian population is the key group in preserving a self-governing body, a free country. They know the Book. That is the Book on which our statutes are built. Also, they know the Boss. That is the Guiding Light by which the Republic is guided. Take away the statutes? Take away the Light? You’ve got France. You’ve got chaos. An anarchy based on human reasoning alone. So let’s be reasonable.
Not knowing how our country works is identical to being a Christian without having a clue what the Bible says. It cannot be done. To give one’s life to the Lord is an automatic surrender to His Word, which is God’s voice of direction. To be American is to become a driver of freedom, not a passenger of the government. To be a driver, you had better know where you’re headed and have a map (or Map Quest) to get you there! You guessed it: knowledge of our Constitution, Foundational documents, our law!
This thought process began with a question put to me: What do you mean, a world view Christian? I spattered out the usual "living out the faith in all areas of life." And then I realized that wasn’t nearly enough to explain my meaning. Because the topic was false prophets and misguided teachings in the churches, the aim was to hit on the leaders, the teachers, the authors of Christianity. I don’t SEE them in combat, engaging in the battle for the Church. Take that a step beyond, I don’t SEE them engaging in the battle for our country either!
The world view believer is responsible for the knowledge he gains, the level of involvement, awareness and watchfulness of the issues at hand. World view Christianity is activism, confrontation and if you like, compassion. I am on overload with forgiveness and tolerance. The diluted version of the faith runneth over with sweet love. I am convinced this is why my sons and other Christian youth are obsessed with "hate rock". It sounds angry and it is angry.
Anger has been dowsed by one-sided doctrine. There is a place for anger, even in the religion of Love. You know, love is tough! Notice, I am not beating around the bush. If I sound over-the-top with confrontation and intolerance, remember the scales. They have been tipped for far too long!
My wise ninety-two year old mom rebukes the churches, "They are not doing enough to fight off the enemy. Our children are being attacked on every front and the churches do nothing (visible)." Maybe they’re praying–maybe they are more aware of problems than meets te eye. But when they speak, it is a message of passivity. "Get involved in a church" "Stay where God has placed you, even when it hurts, because trials strengthen us." A true world viewer would say, "Get out and take your money with you." Let it alone. Let it die.
"[Jesus] replied, ‘Every plant that My heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots. Leave them; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into the pit." ~Matthew 15:13,14
World view Christians ACT in all aspects of life. They vote with their pocketbooks, knowing it matters whether they support the struggling Christian film industry, send their kids to anti-Christian colleges and public schools, purchase Christian music an art. In fact, the double-minded Christian often does just the opposite, believing that to be "in the world" means to be involved with it. But this loose interpretation leaves us with the notion, "it is okay to go along as long as you remember Jesus and go to church." "After all, Jesus ate with the heathen!" But do you really believe Jesus was yuckin’ it up over a beer and ciggy? Jesus, to be sure, was talking—not about the latest game and the big hit Coen movie! True, the cultural involvement gives us a segue into meatier issues. The key here is confrontation. Love is in there. Forgiveness, absolutely. But not necessarily people-pleasing NICE! Involvement in the world is going to bring much opportunity for bold thwarting of sinful ways. The culture, the government, education, the kids...are the citizens’ and the Church’s business. Pure church doctrine would be a great place to start. Stop minding your own business and mind your business!

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