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Successor To the Throne

The Gospel is introduced twice with the lineage of Jesus' mother and earthly father. (Matthew 1 and Luke 3) They are from the tribe of Judah, the proven offspring of David. One ancestry is to fulfill God's promise to David--according to earthly law. As "legal descendant of David through the royal line, through His step-father, Joseph", Jesus was to take the throne of Israel. David was promised that his descendants would forever remain on the throne of Israel. Did God break the promise when He cursed King Jeconiah (Jehoiachin in another form). Jeremiah 22:30--"Thus says the Lord: 'Write this man down as childless, a man who shall not prosper on the throne of David, and ruling anymore in Judah!'" God's promise of an eternal royal heritage was made to the line of Mary, descended from the blood line through David's son, Nathan. God KEEPS His promises.

The earthly royal line came through Solomon, so by sorts, Jesus was born into the royal family. But this line's privileges had been removed by God when leader after leader went bad. You could say Jeconiah was the straw that broke the camel’s back! Jesus’ inheritance of the Davidic throne is by His mother, Mary and His Father, God. Jesus’ kingship is spiritual, unseen. It’s a guess that when Jesus returns to take the physical throne of David in the Temple, the godly and righteous seat of judgment, the curse on Israel’s royalty will be lifted for Jesus WILL rule out of Jerusalem, in legal authority, over all mankind. After all, the baby Jesus was the legal son of Joseph, the carpenter, and rightful heir to Israel’s throne.

As William MacDonald summarizes in the Believer's Bible Commentary, “It seems obvious that the Messianic line ended with the Lord Jesus. NO ONE ELSE can ever present valid legal claim to the throne of David!” Glory to God, Lord of heaven and earth, whose Name is above all names!

Not just spiritual inheritance. Through marriage law, Jesus is Joseph's legal son and legal heir to what is Joseph's. Jesus is therefore both of the house of Judah and descendent by blood.

I could never reconcile the "blood break" via Joseph until a messianic Jew explained the letter of the law.
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