Monday, December 25, 2006


It Is Because...

...I love God most that I love so much.
It is because of obedience to God's LAW...
...that men are free.
It is because of God's Sovereignty...
...that man can rule and nations can form
It is because of God's sacrificial death...
...that God is alive on earth.
It is because I humbly submit to God...
...that I am forever empowered.
It is because God is the revealed source of Life...
...that men hate and kill.
It is because God loves you...
...that you can find God's everlasting peace.
Remove God from each condition, because so many have, and see where men are. Some believe, in the case of the next to last one, if God's compassion and justice were gone, that the source of life would somehow remain and men would love and get along peacefully.


KNOW HIM...He lives in His Word and in the believer's heart.


With love,

Amen! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours.

Be encouraged.
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