Wednesday, January 31, 2007


God Promo

A very common dilemma for Christians specifically, the human race in general, is that we are so rarely sure we can hear God or if it is Him when we think we did hear Him. I have been asked by Bible believers, "How can I hear God?" Because I have been discussing for years God's reality with a God believing friend who just happens to not believe in the Bible as God's Holy Word, the idea of sharing some of the questions and discussions has been rising. And since yesterday was Christianity Is Jewish's birthday (I was out celebrating!), I am announcing the birth of her brother, God Still Speaks, where questions and answers will be blogged over. And I am daring to invite new questions by comment or email there. Answers are always welcome too; I might need some help! Most of all, let us hope to hear from the One True God. Amen.

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